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HBO Max has canceled some Game of Thrones spin-offs

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We have good news for Game of Thrones fans, George R.R. Martin just gave us an update on Winds of Winter and HBO’s plans for the game of Thrones spin-off series. And the bad news is, now, not as soon as it came, if not so soon.

That basically confirmed that we’ll have to do with House of the Dragon for a while.

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According to the 74-year-old author, the Warner Bros. Discovery merger affected “several” of the “successor show” set in Westeros, and was an effect on these “successor shows”: “diote to the show is a long time.”

I admit I took off for one week for holidays. I guess that’s what I hate. It’s right now for me to back in my salt mine, but now working on so many bloody things that make my head explode. Yes, WINDS, yes! Finally, the HOUSE OF DAGON is season two. And several of the other sexy shows were getting involved in HBO. Some of those travel faster than others, like in development. We’ve been unsure yet, though we’re hoping that one day. Some couples have been shelved, but I wouldn’t agree that they’re dead. You can take it off the shelf as easily as you can put it on the shelf. All of the changes at HBO Max has definitely impacted us.

That is still the worst part of what Martin did this show do. That means the end of some shows, that weren’t even close to being in production. A few days before the merger, spin-offs such as Fleabottom were already canceled. The reports claimed that HBO has already had to cancel Nine Voyages of the Sea Snake and Ten Thousand Ships. The former show would have explored Corlys Velaryon’s younger days and how he came to earn his family’s present-day fortune. On the other hand, Ten Thousand Ships would have reportedly been set a thousand years before Game of Thrones and detail Princess Nymeria’s trip to Dorne.

This would mean that Game of Thrones’s only spin-offs still active development are the House of the Dragon series, the Dunk and Egg series, and the Jon Snow sequel series.

Ultimately, this is purely speculatory and yet there hasn’t been official reports of anything outside of House of the Dragon.

It’s rumored that HBO wants to explore the two-year-old’s story and explore other years of Targaryen reign.

Final two seasons be damned. Game of Thrones is easily one of the most iconic TV shows of all time, but it’s not cheap. House of the Dragon is a prequel and equally-popular spin-off of the show. Given the financial situation on HBO, the powers that be might lose its power to sign blank checks for free to kickstart work on an endless number of spin-offs.

With that said, we still hope HBO will provide more updates soon. However, we should have something to get the big time waiting for the future seasons of the Golden Rose.

At the moment, filming on House of the Dragon will last all year, the movie will then open in 2024 and 2025. If you wait two or three years in the two seasons, it’s a long time, especially on today’s day and age. Since George R. Martin would like for House of the Dragon at least one more season than what’s already confirmed (Matt Smith let the info on Season 3 slip earlier this year), HBO may want to change the line at least one spin-off as soon as possible. A new season of Game of Thrones allows to play games with a shorter window.

We’re still hoping the next season of House of the Dragon won’t take as long.

It’s certainly an ambitious proposition, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing, I think?


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