HBO’s last of us massive budget is bigger than Game of Thrones’s


It’s hard to reproduce their success to big and small screens. Netflix and Castlevania managed to purchase some hardware, but in general, the audience didn’t care what they saw. And that can be said by many factors, from production and management delays to wrongful interpretation of the story. Despite the fact that Netflix has a big impact on a certain topic that may break that trend, its own drawback is the story of a well-established title that saw great success as an independent experience.

Should a big budget be enough for it to satisfy expectations? Take a peek at this news’s short-form or swipe for more information.

HBO has put his money into its mouth in order to do that. The cost of HBO’s Last of Us’ is probably lower than the five most expensive seasons of Game of Thrones. This isn’t exactly superior to The Dragon, but it’s still pretty insane.

Although fans are predicting the adaptation news of the PS4 exclusive game with cautious optimism, HBO is not scared to spend on trustworthy and proven talent. With the show being co-written and co-produced by The Last of Us creator, Neil Druckmann, and the contributions from Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin, it sounds like a solid strategy.

How will Bella Ramsey be shown in HBO adaptation?

A recent article from The New Yorker reported that production costs have gone up from a cent million dollars, which is telling of the confidence of HBO’s in this project. Since the figures from TV Guide show that each installment of the fifth Game of Thrones cost $6 to $8 million, HBO spending nearly doubled for nine episodes.

Mazin shares the same confidence in the vision claims that the strong narrative from the source material will separate this film adaptation from any of the game’s related elements.

I cheated I just took the best story. Like you, I love Romance. After they announced they were going to make a movie I was like, I was not really aware of it. Because the joy of the game is the game. This story isn’t real.

Being with Neil Druckmann, the original Naughty Dog game creator, ensures that the adaptation will continue to grow. And while both contributors have stated that the show is going to get out of the game in some places, with a jaw-dropping moment to cut from the game. The game has built a hardiest following for the past decade. But despite having a sour taste in its mouths from the second installment of the game, it is surely keen to keep on catching the breath.

The first episode beginning at the beginning of the show on Sunday, January 15th, fans won’t have to wait much longer. If the premiere films give you a boost, the $10-$15 million per episode costs aren’t much. Amazon Studios announced a four-man deal for eight Rings of Power episodes, which is the hex deal’s average of 58 million dollars per episode. The sixth season of Game of Thrones and Netflix’s Witcher are in the same gamepark as Last of Us. It’s not like HBO’s failure.


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