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He makes a few good things about himself, the worst father of animations

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In the animation series, Invincible, available on Amazon Prime, Nolan Grayson, aka Omni-Man, is a somewhat terrifying father-figure. Without doubt, it can’t be easy for Mark Grayson to be the son of the strongest man on the planet, but also capable of terrible things.

This Easter, here is a look at 10 facts and curiosities that show the power and perversity of the person who has been a pacifist. Remembering that the list contains many spoilers for the first season of Invincible and all the comics that inspired the animation.

There’s also been a lot of interest in the second season of the animation. The first installment of the video game was scheduled for November 3rd! There are hardly any new episodes. Aside from a lack of success, don’t forget the achievements of Omni-Man, who is in fact not the father of the year, but very strong.

1. Omni-Man is killing the Guardians of the Globe in an extremistic way.

(Source: invincible Wiki)Source: invincible Wiki.

In the first season of The World of the War, we witness a big movie that already announced the personality of this superhero. The Guardians of the Globe (who have some alternate versions of the Justice League) are called to their base from the start of their journey. After a very dark moment, Omni-Man kills all of his colleagues. It was a premeditated and very diabolic death, which is clearly evident for a large part of the public.

2. Omni-Man was with demons without hesitation.

(Source: Invincible Wiki)Source: Invincible Wiki.

After Omni-Man bailed the Guardians of the Globe, he came under the crosshair of Detective Damien Darkblood. Sure anyone would be afraid of a demon detective, but not the world’s biggest man, he sent him home to hell for his wife, without hesitation.

3. Almost indestructible

(Fonte: Image Comics Database)Fonte: Image Comics Database: Images Comics Database.

Nolan Grayson is a part of the Viltrumite race. This means that he’s got incredible powers such as incomparable strength, super speed, ability to fly and pass through different portals. That means that it’s virtually useless. But no one can stop him even if he doesn’t stop him himself. We must remember that whoever takes over with Nolan Grayson is doomed to fail.

Even though the Viltrumites like to spread the word that they can’t be outrun, they have their weaknesses in the secret. In his attempt to save the Earth, Nolan created the image that he was the world’s most powerful, but you can be sure that this is more propaganda than anything else, as you can see with the following – one of the following items!

4. He seems to be a superman, but he has his differences.

(Fonte: Digital Comics Database)Fonte: Digital Comics Database

Even though Nolan Grayson is basically a copy of Superman, the difference between them is beginning to show up as the story advances. For starters, unlike Kryptonian hero, Nolans powers have a source and seem to be just natural.

Mark Graysons father does not have a yellow sun and isn’t vulnerable to radiation from any substance such as kryptonite. The nolan does not have telescopic vision, even if he thinks that nothing is happening. One hand, one hand, and one way.

5. He was nearly defeated with a virus.

(Fonte: Image Comics Database)Fonte: Image Comics Database.

The United States government tried on all costs to destroy Omni-Man, but failed. They finally decided to go for other fronts, even if it was during physical clash, and ended up discovering that the Viltrumites have a much greater sensitivity to sounds, given their unusual hearing.

Nevertheless, there’s one more heel. The Viltrumite race was almost eradicated by the Scourge Virus created by the Coalition of Planets from a Thaedus blood storm. 99.9% died, leaving just fifty people. That remained extremely vulnerable to their physical powers.

6. An Omni-Man can destroy any city that he wants to destroy.

(Fonte’s Image Comics Database)Fonte’s Image Comics Database exists.

Upon passing, Omni-Man revealed to Mark that the Viltrumites are in action to dominate weaker species, including humans. He only chose to make it very difficult for his son to demonstrate all of his power.

While Mark was angry, but continued to doubt Omni-Man, he simply used his sons body to destroy buildings and skyscrapers, killing hundreds of people in a devastating tragedy. In another way, Omni-Man can destroy entire cities like a wall with a magnifying glass.

7. He can easily crush someone’s head without a remorse.

(Source: Reddit) Source: Reddit.

It doesn’t suffice for Omni-Man to have super strength: he’s always at the moment to show his ability. In the first episode, he is going to crush Red Rush’s skull before rejoicing the Guardians of the Globe.

This isn’t the only time that he destroys other peoples heads. In another moment, Mark saves the life of a fighter pilot, who’s fighting with his father, but ends up watching the Omni-Man crush the guys head like nothing.

8. It was a very difficult time to catch up with all that had hit his son.

YouTube (Source:)Source: YouTube.

Here is the example of an abusive mother. We cannot doubt that Nolan really loves his son Mark for a very good time. Even though Mark tells his father he won’t go through with the Viltrumite plan, Omni-Man explodes in brutal response, beating him so badly that his son almost dies. That means there isn’t really anything about it.

9. The Omni-Man is perfectly affiliated with his family.

(Fonte: Distractify)Fonte: Distractify.

For many Invincible fans, the scariest aspect of Omni-Man is not his unrivalled strength, but his ability to lie to her face. He lied to his family and friends but made the whole planet think that he was a superhuman.

When Nolan finally tells Mark the truth, he doesn’t do anything except express remorse for lying or for using his family as bait to wipe out the planet. One may classify him as a sociopath and there’s no way of saying that would be a misnomer.

10. The word “Mornial Kombat” is confirmed a nip.

In addition to touching a villain in the Invincible series, the hero will also carry blood around the world. Mortal Kombat 1, due out in September, will have the Character of Omni-Man.

The character will have the option to play DLC as well as other big names known for violence like DCs Peacemaker and Homelander, for the Boys series. Even though we do not play games with the mighty Omni-Man, it is very obvious. Unless you like to beat the executioner in invincible, the time to do that is fast approaching!

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