Hefty price: Kai Cenat explains how the rise of Twitch stardom has affected his personal life


The year 2022 was a massive year for Kai Cenat. The Twitch star was the primary streamer of the year and was the most-subscribed streamer on Twitch at that time, and won the Streamer of the Year award at The Streamy Awards 2022.

Kai Cenat, however, toppled one viewership record, cementing his place in a huge star comparable to xQc, but with less gaming-focused streams and fewer just chatting content, which is his niche.

The problem is, in short, his newfound success affects his personal lives, especially when it comes to having a relationship, or even having the time to devote to each other. I haven’t been together for like three years, he said during an episode of the FULL SEND podcast on Jan. 3 that was the week after the episode. This shit is dedication.

Image via Kai Cenat on YouTube.

Kai Cenat explained that beginning a relationship with someone means time and energywhich at the moment all needs to be invested in them and their relationship with them. I know you and the other person.

I think there’s no way that he can do that since he’s too demanding to watch the show and thinks it’ll allow a potential girlfriend to want to be with him.

If im streaming 10-11 hours a day? he said.

Kai Cenat looks at the importance and morals of a relationship. He had clear indications that its not something he wanted to do in spite of his commitment to the grind. Not a little longer.

His success has changed dramatically. But for now he knows what his priorities areand is holding his stream on well and his fans entertained.


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