Hello, Niger 2 review. Would you like Neighbors like that on Your Enemy?


Eerie Guest, tinyBuilder! Copyright: smallbuilding Release date: December 6, 2022.

In my view of the Beta version I shared in April of this year, we learned about the idea of the protagonist, a ideological journalist who wants to unravel the mystery of disappearance of children at any cost. In the beginning of the beta assembly, we saw a city with suspicious personalities and a crow the lurch personal nightmare of the protagonist, who pursued her everywhere.

So, at the end of the game, the intro quest was replaced and the crow was nearly completely removed from the game. If the bird comes to life of the beta as soon as the player enters the territory in which he cannot be a resident, then the first version of Hello Neighbor 2 comes to be limited by standard, already hackneyed methods.

In the first video, a hero gets out of Crow Creeks stopping her van just in front of her neighbor’s house, while her evil is just dragging one teenager in the house. The protagonist watches as a neighbor drags the boy into the building, then goes outside to get the journalist in the face.

The hero kicks the gas, and cannot cope because of stress and is forced to lay in a car. We find out how far to reach the town is by a van that broken through the wall. It’s necessary that we look for alternative things.

The hero is clever, putting a simple puzzle around the hay and finding parts scattered around the hay that, in tricky places, owner guessed for the building of electronic locks, but was broken in the mechanism that unlocks the main door for a while. We get acquainted with the simple mechanics of the game that were familiar to those who already played Hello Neighbor. We learn to interact with the environment and use inventory.

Like the previous part, a player cannot get the shattered shattered shoes, and he’ll quickly take his hand at the physical properties of things, but what he would have liked is a lot of it. Having reached the night air, she gets the cold blow and the scream with a shovel, and turns off, and then finds a small ring of a local newspaper branch.

Even though there are loads of objects, nothing interesting can be found in the tower. A variety of monitors broadcasting images of cameras in relation to the neighbor’s home (obviously, the hero has been watching him a long time), a map of the city, which you cannot take with you. Paper and paper, not open, and a lot of other waste, that are useful only from the aesthetic view.

As soon as we leave the house of the missing children, we almost immediately find ourselves close to the house. The neighbor isn’t here anymore, but the police shit it, and a criminal he is in duty at the entrance. After having made our way into the house by the back door, we’ll find plenty of evidence, and an orange door leads to the basement, a locked house with four locks. This is our first major puzzle to be solved with the knowledge of the house and study of the house.

The policeman isn’t very at first, and his patrol is limited, so players are able to adjust their skill levels and puzzles well so they can hardly beat the local stealth and mechanics because they aren’t too eager and attract much attention.

To solve the problem with the safe, you’ll need additional tools you won’t find in the house during the day. The game’s going to draw you to check for them, but, in spite of the rush, you won’t find anything except locked doors and blocked paths, but you won’t find anything but that thing.

The majority of houses in Crow Creeks are only decoration. If you do not see the light in your windows, you can distinguish each other’s interior details, but it doesn’t come on with the locals living there. I guess the interesting buildings like a sinister museum or a gigantic mansion in the same swamp, are objectively different from the usual, attract the attention, but that is unusable until you get to the corresponding chapter.

It is very soon, that enthusiastic impression of the idyllic, cozy, with the improved visuals of Hello Neighbor 2, will be replaced by disappointment the city is not lifeless and to be completely empty, and the item that you are looking for will literally be over the corner of the neighbors house. But, I am guessing that the tree house, not just another decoration, does not hold the price but the others but the other side is it.

After taking turns digging for anything you need, the player returns to the maniacs’ house and finds the policeman moving out of the building. The game for many will begin with self-education artificial intelligence, which will try to remember where it found you, and then force the player to find new ways to deceive the enemy. Unfortunately, AI often behaves indestructively and is very predictable, so it’s easy to get him caught on the same scheme.

When we discover the truth, we’ll become into the starting position and the puzzle in the house will be taken away, and we’ll have to go back to the beginning of the future. Only their location is a lot. It doesn’t have to lure the opponent out of the room. This is what’s the most common Hello Neighbor, without any really attractive innovation at all, but with jambs.

The authors quickly walked out of a conditionally open location. For example, they built an enormous amount of environmental objects nailed to the floor that could, at least for no reason, be interactive.

In addition, the developers created impenetrable obstacles, used non only fences and enclosing structures to block the players routes, but also flower beds and shrubs, and in some places they merely erected invisible walls, most often the least expensive one by the other, because they developed modern technologies.

One of the paypal’s offers players a flying drone and a hand gripper for a new tool. A completely useless device that has become stuck on invisible obstacles, is not capable of opening doors and even accepting objects that the protagonist didn’t take before. Because of the transparent walls described above, that mysterious house in the swamp looks close to me and wouldn’t be able to walk. And with its use, entirely ugly music that ruins the atmosphere starts to play. I don’t really recommend that.

After passing through the house of the missing children, the player is marked with a new location, and finally, he can visit the bakery from outside, but to find out what’s at the door from the owners’ fierce rival. Then he visits the museum multiple times, the hunter home, the mayor’s, which is located opposite the attractive public garden, is guarded by an aggressive pet of the city’s head, and finally to Mr. Peterson.

And if he acquires the DLC Late Fees and Back to School, he can compete with the watchman and his dogs to the heap and try to get into the forbidden library. There are interesting location choices and fascinating questions, but the optimization and performance of AI are very difficult.

For example, it’s a mystery, but it’s a surprisingly big number of times. And there isn’t only about crashes and crashes. For example, I was forced to sell a key item back in a limited inventory. The object kicked into the textures, and then disappeared.

Aside from the discovery of the items that I put in the search and placing them in their place, the puzzle element I needed didn’t appear, particularly if it is unable to continue through the plot, since saves are made automatically in Hello Neighbor 2 and overwrite the other. Is it obvious that the desire to replay this game until now has completely disappeared?

Hello, Neighbor 2, you’ll get some positives. With new colors, many interesting locations appear, despite the number of chapters in each one. I hope I praise the puzzles, but most of them really exciting, as well as the work style of the project.

Among others, the scenery in the process creates unnecessary visual noise, and often distracts people from the searching for keys and tools to move forward. The game has weird surprises (read the updates, etc.) as well as troubleshooting add-ons and a completely useless, deceptive open world, which could be done without.

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A much better picture.

Interesting puzzles


Many annoying bugs and AI issues are on the rise.

Ohne mind. Open world.

Problematic DLCs


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