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HeroQuest Hero Collection: The wandering Monk announces the inscription to his collection

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Avalon Hill gave an update to the HeroQuest theme as it showed the original HeroQuest collection: The Path of the Wandering Monk. This is a new set that will introduce the Monk to the game strictly as an expansion, it’s not for you that most of the content of this game is content. You get different combat skills and cards along with two figures. All of these cards are available for pre-order now for $15. The pack is going to be released sometime in January 2024. We got details in our notice regarding that new addition.

Credit: Avalon Hill

“At the expense of not falling out, “see the cause of a trip” the relic explains. In the direction of the man who walked, “Walk carefully in the world’s best-known creatures that will you to the best of our heroes” This collector’s edition item contains two highly-detailedMonkfigures with powers and skills not seen inHeroQuest. It also includes seven cards and ascroll.With two finely detailed miniatures, seven cards, and a scroll.”

  • The Monk joins the Adventure: This set introduces the Monk heroes with two detailed miniatures, seven game cards and a scroll. You are required to play HeroQuest. They sell out separately).
  • Get a bigger level of gaming experience: Expand your gameplay experience in battle-tyres with the Monk, a good martial artist who is in danger of unique powers and abilities.
  • Choose your hero. If she wants to play as a male or female Monk, choose hero. The Monk traveled the world and mastered combat techniques called Elemental Styles, which are based on the elements of Earth, Water and Fire.
  • Relativement of unaqie Combat: The four cards, double-sided, feature the distinctive character Elemental and reveals unique advantages you gain if you play a Monk character.

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