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Hidden Path denies the game’s resale is canceled

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Recent reports show that Wizards of the Coast has canceled five games and cost 15 employees their jobs. Although publisher D&D stated it remains committed to using digital games, these five titles weren’t strategically aligned with the current branding.

Another project that had to be canceled was Hidden Path Entertainments. This game was announced in 2021 as an AAA open-world game built on Unreal Engine 4 with rambling and a magic effect. This is not unusual for the game to begin with; it has only been abandoned, yet since then, Hidden Path broke its silence and declared that its game hasn’t been canceled.

Hi everybody, I wanted to clear up, wrote hidden path today. The epic project on D&D with Wizards still continues! In fact, we currently take on job and look for talented people to join our team.

The report by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier was quick to respond to the confusion, writing that a spokesperson for the Wizards of the Coast told me that The Hidden Path has been canceled. He went up for clarity then returned with updated words of about half an hour later.

This is an unusual and very unfortunate situation, but we stand with one another. Both sources and the spokesperson for Wizards of the Coast told Bloomberg on Tuesday that the Hidden Paths game was cancelled.

Hidden Path still lists on its website that its D&D game is in development. So well, wait for more posts about this before we can tell if its a game is in development.

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