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Hideo Kojima Explains Why He Rewrote Death Stranding 2 because of the Pandemic

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When Kojima Productions and Sony announced Finales of the Games Awards earlier this month, a lot of details were revealed on the game, but despite the fact that nothing was true on the show, Hideo Kojima revealed on stage that he had started making his game story again and then decided to return from the game to the final stage due to the pandemic.

The original Dead Stranding seems to be a definitive take on the last two years, and with focus on the issues such as isolation and the importance of human relationships.

In a recent interview with IGN, Kojima talked about the same thing. He explained that he felt that a story written before that experience wasn’t the same way with any fan.

He said that the same thing happened in the attack of 9/11 [and Metal Gear Solid 2]. When something big happens, fiction changes. When something happens, that nobody thought was possible, it turns out to be more successful than entertainment.

This is the reason I rewrote DS2 with its theme right away. You can’t pretend something that big never happened. Though the games are intended on characters who aren’t bound by our reality, the players have also gone through a pandemic, and a story whose history is never the same for them, neither fantasy or sci-fi.

How do you think the sequel will be headed? The exact details on the same are obviously not clear yet, but Kojima says significant changes in the interaction and communication that the pandemic brought about have impacted the plot he has planned forDeath Stranding 2.

Death Stranding was a story of two distant locations, A and B. Like the internet, right? I could see an interview with the United States. We would only connect for that period, he said. There’s nothing negative about itself, but the real truth is that humans aren’t stationary animals. We move, and then, by that we meet unexpected people, look at new things, and even fall over time. What causes us to evolve as humans is that nature is accumulating these unpredictable events. That is why I think it’s a bit misguided to get a look in the Metaverse or Doraemons Where Door just because Covid was happening.

In Death Stranding, creating connections was the right thing. Many isolated people couldn’t survive because of connections once the pandemic really happened. I wonder if we should do that alone via the internet.

A new player is known for his game’s ability to tell stories that have been gaining meaning in a relationship to real world issues and matters.

Recently, he said that thanks to the advances of technology and for the things they’ve enabled,Death Stranding 2 will soon be a regular sequel. It’s going to be a while before we know that some concrete details came true.

Meanwhile, aDeath Strandingmovie is in the works, and Kojima says it will take a direction that no one tried before when an adaptation of video games is possible.


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