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Hideo Kojima Sells coffee that is aroged to the public

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Even though they do not even sell on the market, almost all of the gamers still feel that they have forgotten the absurd strategy of a hundred years ago, after which Hideo Kojima successfully adopted Death Stranding. Even though Death Stranding wasn’t already available on the market, he has already created and succeeded to sell a lot of merch related to the game, from umbrellas, t-shirts, diverse figurines for the developer teams mascot Ludens. As it turns out, the collaboration and sales action hasn’t subsided to welcome the second series, which is, right now, mysterious. He has now become a coffee lover.

You’re gonna read that right. Hideo Kojima and his development team, Kojima Productions have just announced a partnership with coffee Supreme. Both are going to release a special pack for 5,000 yen or around 570 milliard Rupiah which contains 10 drip coffee bags, a mug and a pouch, all of which are contained in the iconic Ludens logo. According to The Telegraph, this coffee is the original blend of Hideo Kojimas. But for now, it is only available to Japan.

Kojima Productions and Coffee Supreme from Japan formed a coffee collaboration.

As well as people in Japan who are lucky to visit Café, this is the one who visit the Shibuya and tsujido store, the first to get the original coaster with the Kojima Productions logo. How about you? Would you like to pursue this product in Japan?

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