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Hideo Kojima talks about the game that he is working on with Xbox

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In June of this year, Hideo Kojima and the Xbox team announced they were working on a project that hasn’t yet been fully presented. It turned out to be the sequel to the Death Stranding, in the context of the Game Awards.

One day, Kojima Productions, led by Hideo Kojima, celebrated its 7th anniversary. The IGN portal published an interview with a game developer. In which he asked about the game being developed together with Microsoft. According to Kojima, this game is going to be something new from a technological point of view.

Since the years have been 30 years old, I have grown tired of new technologies. Until tomorrow, you’ll find out how to implement a new technology. Of course, the wrong choice can be disastrous. That’s a little different to a space program. The project we’ve worked on with Microsoft has been thinking about for five or six years. The project needed a built-in infrastructure that had never been needed before, so I discussed this with a lot of different big companies and gave presentations, but I really seemed crazy. In the end, Microsoft showed they understood, and now we are working on a project together, including on the technology front.

It’s unknown when the Hideo Kojimas Xbox game will go on sale.


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