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High-on-Life-Devs will take all future games as their gamers’ passes

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The latest titles of the Squanch Games, High On Life, might not be for everyone, but the fact that it has gained considerable traction over the last few weeks, even for those who aren’t necessarily fans of the Justin Roilands series. In the latest episode of the Xbox podcast, Roiland briefly talked about the decision of the studio to work with Xbox to put Life on Game Pass. He highlighted its reach and price in terms of sales.

Roiland confirmed, however, that Game Pass will also help Squanch Games make future titles. And yes, those future games will likely become later version of the Game Pass.

We are a movie studio. We were young. And for one war chest, it makes a lot of fun games. We thought that was helpful. That is really good, we really want this game to get out there. We want it to do. We want sales to succeed. So I think Game Pass was a huge value-add in that respect, yeah, I mean, from what I gathered in my little poking around and asking different people.


High on Life is now available on Xbox and PC.

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