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High on Life players getting perma-stuck into Applebees are a contender for the silliest glitch of 2022

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Sorry, Space Watches!

Although a word can be used to tell me that I’m stuck in an Applebees in the morning, it might be a terrible prospect. Aside from it being taken place in a game for the series on High on Life, it’s a little less serious.

Like PCGamesN said, some High on Life players seem to be having issues getting stuck in the Space Applebees spot. One of the many absurd parodies the game offers. It’s normal for you to stay in the Applebees – like the critical path storyline (which is normally closed/locked), then leave – or even pay your check. But some people on Steam say they can’t exit the space and are to blame for the time and money wasted in the process of consuming the digital jalapeno poppers and potatoes stains.

Here’s a great recap of a difficult situation for a person.

A person was saved in an applebee and a man escaped a cage outside of the store in the slums. i jumped into the portal where people go and was erecting his feet while teleporting into the applebees with open doors, in no way out. I took a car, stuck in applebys still. After having been moved, any way?

I didn’t have the time, in 2022, to write anything remotely like this, especially since my nearest Applebee was abandoned.

This is one of many technical problems with high-quality life.

I was able to find a lot of technical oddities in High on Life – both before the day one patch during the review period and after. It really helps that its a game Pass game, because a $60-$tin spent and having it glitch this badly for some people wouldn’t be great! I hope that there’s a patch on the way for the Applebees fiasco.

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