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Hogwarts Legacy, the administrator of the community gives a clear understanding of the difficult battles between them

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When several users had the feeling that the fights in the game were too easy, the community manager of Avalanche Software, Chandler Wood, wanted to clarify the difficulties of the fights present in Hogwarts Legacy.

The first game of Hogwarts Legacy was played in action at the normal level of difficulty – but the developer who was holding the controller in his hand is a very skilled player, who was around the time for a test and decided to do the job easyWood explained.

The unforgivable Curses have the ability to control crowds, for example Avada Kedavra causes fear among other enemies, Crucio stuns and incapacitates opponents for some time, Imperio brings a hostile unit to side with you, said the community manager, returns the false feeling that this is not true artificial intelligence.

A call for Arresto Momentum prevented some of the enemies present in the arena, but this depended also on the skill of the developer who played in the Gameplay Showcase, who managed to hardly control what was happening around them and neutralize all the threats.

After Wood explained that the Dark Arts Arena allows the three curses to be testable, which is not indicative of their accessibility in the game: these are optional skills that aren’t received immediately. You can’t just learn Avada Kedavra.

Without wanting too much from the enemy, I can say that becoming so powerful is necessary. It brings about the development of the myth of choosing and learning spells.

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