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Honkai: Star Rail Story Updates are still invalid even in the latest version

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It has been five months since Honkai signed the Star Rail Act and it has passed so that I can say what many others have been thinking about: what’s up with the story update? While I enjoy the scenes and the story of Star Rail just as well, it may seem obvious that even though every patch so far has been so boring that it is contentious. Most importantly, the 1.3 version was disappointing due to the apex of a month and a half, which, for an hour, was largely wasted.

Since the game is still playing, it might be easy to write off the Honkai: Star Rails stories as a rising pain. So we’re going to look at Genshin Impact, which is HoYoVerses’ most important title. Because I didn’t choose Honkai Impact 3rd, I think it feels like the development team for Star Rail took lessons from Genshin Impact in order to be able to make the game.

Here was the main story for Genshin impact from the start to the final version.

Version 1.0 Welcome to Teyvat.

  • Archon Quest finishes Mondstadt’s storyline and starts Liyues with the death of Rex Lapis, as well as the introduction of Zhongli and Tartaglia as well.
  • The quests of each knight of Favonius (including Klee), Venti, Mona, Xiangling, Diluc, Razor, Xingqiu, etc.

Version 1.1 New Stars: It’s an example of what the new sky is trying to do.

  • Childe has revealed his evil plans and we fight him, and then the Big Showdown Against Osial will occur, and then we learn about what’s happening in Inazuma, and then to learn about what’s happening to it.
  • Character quests for Zhongli and Tartaglia.
  • The unreconciled Stars event introduces Scaramouche and lore with an ear to the sky.

Version 1.2 The head of the dragon and the penguin.

  • Character quests for Albedo and Ganyu.
  • The Chalk Prince and the Dragon event introduces Dragonspine and Albedo.

All Those Glitters is updated to version 1.3.

  • Be careful: Dainsleif World Quest introduces him, then moves forward the storyline.
  • Character quests for Xiao and Hu Tao.
  • The First Lantern Rite event featuring Xiao is a musical expression of Liyue.

Here’s the story. Star Rail’s in Honkai from the beginning: Version 1.3.

Version 1.0 Taking a ride from the cliffs to the stars.

  • Trailblaze Mission introduces us to Herta, and then we’re going to save Jarilo-VI. In Luofu and Xianzhou, one learns about Sanctus Medicus and the Ambrosial Arbor revives.
  • He in a reincarnation of an unisy with a twin.
  • Missions for Arlan, Asta, Hook, Natasha, Clara, Serval & Gepard for Arlan, Asta, Hook, Rampa, Jab, Suli & More.

The video reverberation of a galaxie is published in version 1.1.

  • Specialized Missions for Silver Wolf, Yanqing, Luocha and Bailu.
  • Starhunt Hunting, a big show.
  • Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities is an event planned for Halloween.

The introduction of a humankind to the world does not cease.

  • With the Blade unlocking Dan Hengs Imbibitor Lunae form and Dan Heng turns the ocean into a taphole to show the Scalegorge Waterscape, bringing a showdown against Phantylia, which led to a battle against the Phantylia of the past.
  • An international mission for Kafka and Yukong.

Version 1.3 Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins: Version 1.3.

  • We prepare for a mass funeral, and spend more time learning more about who Tingyun was when she was alive.
  • Companion Missions for Dan Heng, 3rd March, Luka, and Lynx, 7th, etc.
  • Aurum Alleys event on Hustle and Bustle.

We can see the difference between the two games. This can be a fun one to observe because Genshin Impact felt like it was more content. At the beginning of the first novel, a character quest might be completed for so many characters that some players could even finish them a later update. Each story is finished, so he takes a break. Every update always reverberates the story or introduces new elements.

What is the story about Honkai on Star Rail?

Screenshot by a friend of Silianera.

The problem with Honkai: Star Rail is more or less minimalist with its story, because, unlike Genshin impact, there isn’t any exploration element. It is a long struggle, not trying to climb the tallest mountain in Liyue while the defenders are trying to make it happen. In Honkai: Star Rail, once youre out of Trailblaze Power and youre done allotted Simulated Universe or Forgotten Hall challenges, you can do not much about it in game. This makes the lack of content from the story is disappointing. Since all the information is limited, it’s time you go back to the usual routine.

I want to reaffirm that I used to take the Fate/Grand Order to spend time. I know what it takes to play a gacha game where you will never go to the end of the week, but it’s just not for me. The Honkai: Star Rail setting, lore and characters are all so good. This is really exciting to find out what HoYoVerse is telling us about everything they’ve got to do. But keeping an eye out for the moment a scrap is being used with a bunch of plots every month and a half. Im huge fan of the Xianzhou Luofu characters. I was really surprised at how little version 1.2 was used, since this is probably my favourite version. Who doesn’t care if Dan Heng and Blade stare at each other at these news update? Are you naive?

Let’s take a step back and look at Genshin Impact again. From the date of every story update, we got more information. It might be confusing and well-executed, but when we can say, the update meant something, and did its job of moving the plot forward. The tidiel failed, as it wasn’t an epilogue of Liyue, but it gave us a clear answer to the confusion that Liyue didn’t use the Archon in order to do so. This was an interesting event, but it also showed Xiao and Ganyus feelings about living on the fringe of this new society, and yet they overcome the differences through the festival. It was a event, but it felt more expensive and more interesting than spending an hour talking about Tingyun. If Tingyun turns out to be dead, I think I may not actually like her wasting our time like this, im sorry to say.

What I personally hope to fix is the lack of a resolution in almost any world. The story is not simple. Nothing feels satisfied. Jarilo-VI still has a medical and environmental problem. The Antimatter Legion still haunts Herta Space Station. Blade and Kafka only dust their hands and go home after they go Extreme Makeover. None feels finished and despite the build-up, there’s very little tension. The Ambrosial Arbor backs, but most of the Xianzhou Luofu NPCs didn’t look at it even though they had no idea that they were there. We haven’t even cut down the tree or dealt with the Stellaron, haven’t we? Maybe HoYoVerse plans to return to past planets soon but thus they want to leave similar plot points on purpose to continue later? I sincerely hope that’s the case.

What happened in Version 1.3?

Imagine yourself by Silio?

Between the four components, the massive Simulated Universe update: swarm disaster, and the Aurum Alley event story, I can easily understand why the 1.3s mission was so short. I suppose the Tingyun stuff should have just been in version 1.2, rather than just us to wait for it.

I also feel as if the reaction to Genshin Impacts story affects the content of the Star Rail team. Genshin Impacts cutscenes feel very long after they can’t be skipped and they’ll have to wait for the characters to be released. They’re very wordy, too. It’s not just a localization problem. I play Genshin Impact in the original Chinese (as well as Star Rail) and the wordiness issue persists there too. This could be why Honkai: Star Rails writing feels much tighter and more snappier. It’s awesome and I legitly like it. I agree with the philosophy of quantity and quality. But for an experience playing live service in a complex environment with a lot of other games forcing gamers to spend time and attention, I wonder whether this is the best solution.

Hopefully, as the story continues, it can be more content per patch. I really enjoyed the Xianzhou Luofu story. It would be sad if that remains the foundation for more Xianzhou Alliance content in the future. The story, Honkai, is a great story for Star Rail. To be honest, the future of this game is worrying for the player base, so if any of the most recent updates would be minimal and disappointing.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available in mobile devices and on Windows PC.

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