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Honor introduced the Magic V Purse a foldable smartphone that is portable like a bag sized as a purse

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In addition to the global version of the foldable smartphone Magic V2, Honor presented the conceptual foldable smartphone Magic V Purse in its presentation at the IFA 2023 in Berlin. This new product is placed in a fashion item that can be worn with small hands or on the shoulder. This will come with interchangeable handles with different designs and lengths.

Unlike all previously presented foldable Honor phone cases, the main screen of Magic V Purse takes space and is larger than any other device. This device is reminiscent of old-thirty mobile phones that existed with Honor, as the parent company was. The camera is distorted & thickened. When folded the Magic V2 present today, the thickness was 9.9 mm. And some traditional phones are thicker.

The key feature that the fold-through display has on it is the ability to change the shape of your smartphone. The Always On Display offers live and even interactive wallpapers that give you a unique look when it’s locked. Honor brought in top talent to develop the design, including Burberry menswear design director Bram Van Diepen, contemporary artist Yunuene Esparza, Chinese Academy of Arts International Dean Yuan Youmin, and interdisciplinar artist Xiao Hui Wang (Xiao Hui Wang).

Honors goal is that with the help of interchangeable straps and a variety of screen wallpapers that are visible both sides, users can customize the Honors V Purse to suit any outfit. Wallpapers interact with others, such as its touch-based response and its alteration in lighting and smartphone movement.

Magic V Purse is made out of vegan leather. It seeks to push the fashion industry to adopt new technologies that make it harder for consumers to buy more and use more materials.

Honor hasn’t said a lot about the hardware yet, the device is not intended for mass production. She has just stated she created a hinge that holds up to 40000 folding cycles.

It’s unclear whether the smartphone will go on sale or at what price. Honor insists that this isn’t a technological demonstration anymore, it’s more a technical demonstration than an upcoming product. Nevertheless, similar solutions will come in the future in the company’s product range.

Honor plans to open a virtual platform to create diverse ideas of wallpapers for locked displays, which allows developers and designers to create their own versions of screensavers around the world.

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