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Honor won’t develop its own mobile processors like Huawei, but it’s going to create auxiliary chips

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The latest smartphone of the Huawei Mate 60 series had very detailed user-centric overtones; there’s a 7.2-nm processor of its own design that has been developed, from which the company reportedly launched a similar project under sanctions. The Honor brand, which was separated from Huawei because of them, is only able to develop its own chips with the exception of some extra components.

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What the South China Morning Post wrote says is that: “Today, the honor leader of a tallest city has spoken like an American?” According to her, MediaTek and Qualcomm supply the company with fully modern and self-sufficient mobile processors, so it is useless to spend a lot of money for their own production. Honor doesn’t refuse to create auxiliary chips on its own.

The C1 chip introduced in March in connection with the Honor Magic5 series smartphones was used to improve the communication quality in 5G networks and was developed by the company independently. We won’t build our own systems based on a chip (soC). The Honors collaboration with MediaTek and Qualcomm gives us access to the best chips on the market, explained a representative of the smartphone maker. As an extension of our collaboration with this chip-developer, we can use their platforms to help others achieve the visions of honor.

It has recently got investors, fueled by rumors that the company intends to develop mobile smartphones with a smartphone. The manufacturer has five business units in China, some of which develop software, data transmission and image processing. The Honor brand is leaving the firm, under the wing of Huawei, and now they regard each other as competitors.

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