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How are the chances of CM Punk returning to the WWE?

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CM Punk’s time at the AEW has not been short of disastrous as usual, but as it sometimes did.

CM Punk’s speculated return to WWE is the idea that the city has started a reluctance after he exited AEW.

Punk, who was released from AEW after an improv show in Wembley, isn’t showing signs of hanging up his wrestling boots yet.

WWE’s upcoming Survivor Series & Premium Live is set for Chicago’s hometown, but the grapevine is thinking that the company is planning on producing the five-time world champion back.

The return for CM Punk could be very important for both parties.

WWE’s internal dynamics will play a significant role if this comeback occurs. Even though the locker room doesn’t have all the talent they want to get back, there are no loud voices. Although it’s not important that Vince McMahon is aware of the situation, the most significant factor is his perception.

It’s known for his prioritizing business and it’s likely that McMahon will return to Punk if it promises a profitable business. It was a complication of his brief interactions with Triple H earlier this year.

Eric Bischoff expressed his opinion about the situation in WWE Hall of Fame. He mentioned that Punk needs to look at where he’s in his career, and whether he wants to end on a big note. Bischoff didn’t respond to Punk’s behavior particularly during the NBC’s All Out 2022 media scrum. To say that if Punk is aware of his shortcomings and to address them, then he could return to WWE, given the much bigger context.

If CM Punk stays for long, long-term as he doesn’t plan to continue working, it’s not possible to even return.

A sentiment echoed by other industry experts suggests that Punk’s return to WWE isn’t a question of whether or not it’s a if, but when. The relationship between the two parties makes the theory more intriguing. Punk’s last appearance in WWE was at the Royal Rumble nine years ago, after which he parted with the company due to a lot of disagreements and even engaged in a lawsuit.

Punk’s popularity and influence is a lie. During his tenure at the AEW, the wrestling promotion granted him a unique weekly programming slot which saw a significant drop in ratings after his exit, remarking his appeal. WWE could, without doubt, benefit from this bump, considering the possibility that he is in a feud with the potential frightened man.

Whether it’s renewing his rivalry with John Cena, who is back in WWE in foreseeable future, or a match against Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens or Roman Reigns, the chances are endless.

CM Punk could resume his former rivalry with John Cena very well if he returns to the WWE.

The WWE tradition was to mending burned bridges with many of its former superstars and Punk would return if it continued.

With the unfolding events, both fans and experts eagerly await the moment that Punk’s familiar static hits the arena again, signaling his anticipated return to the WWE spotlight.

Speaking of “returning” WWE superstars, fans are looking forward to seeing Edge and Randy Orton back at the square in order to return back to the square.

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