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How can we get a MW3 Beta Code from World Series of Warzone finals?

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If you are looking for a MMW3 Beta code, today could be your chance, thanks to the World Series of Warzone livestream.

It’s only weeks for the modern Warfare 3 Beta to begin in October. For those unaware, here are the dates of the game, which will end with the multiplayer trial.

  • October 6 – 7. Early access for PS4 & PS5 – FS4.
  • October 8-10: Open the Beta for PS4 and PS5 / October 8:10.
  • October 12, 13-13, Early Access for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PS4 & amp; PS5, etc.
  • Open beta for every platform from October 14-11.

And if youre still looking for a MW3 beta code to play as well, you can quickly snatch one up.

How do you get a MW3 Beta Code from World Series of Warzone?

Activision offers single-players up to three MW3 beta code Sweeps tickets, just for the World Series of Warzone World Finals.

To get the best possible MW3 beta code, simply watch the event on Twitch or YouTube for 3 hours.

The livestream is kicking off now and giving the player the opportunity to get the code for the upcoming Beta.

Fans who watch the world Series of Warzone Finals for one minute and three hours can get 3 tsh fares. Each one has a chance of acquiring a MW3 Beta code, but no guarantee you’ll be one of the lucky winners.

The sweepstakes will take place at the end of the broadcast and the winners of the MW3 Beta competition receive their code via email.

You can read up to the broadcast via the following links.

Take your YouTube or Twitch account to your Activision account to take part and earn your MW3 Beta code, giving you a chance to become a winner of the 50,000 best prize.

How to give your Activision Account a Twitch connection.

  • First, check here, and follow the Activision Twitch Rewards page.
  • You’ll have to sign into Activision, the same way that you used to sell Warzone & MW2 for.
  • Click on Relink my Twitch to my Activision account.
  • Sign in to your Twitch account.
  • Go and read the account with the authorized button.

After the release of the new drop system on October 10, 2022, players who have previously partnered with Activision to link their Twitch account will need to take action if they use steps above to relink their accounts.

How to link his Activision account to YouTube.

  • Just go to the YouTube account sharing page, with Settings Connected Apps.
  • Get the Activision ID and hit Connect.
  • You should also sign up for Activision, the same one you use for Warzone & MW2.
  • The accounts will be connected.

World Series of Warzone Twitch/YouTube rewards ARE ALLWECY!

Here is an excerpt from the World Series of Warzone which includes all the rewards up for grabs and what to earn them:

  • 60 Minute Double-XP Token Watch for 30 Min.
  • One hour until 60 Minutes before 2 Weapon Token, 7p for 15 minutes.
  • Grab a Popcorn Calling Card Watch for an hour 30 Mins of free time.
  • For One Hour Watch for 30 Mins for WSOW Wartrack.
  • Give it two hours to Double Digits Embblem Watch.
  • Lightning Rob Weapon Blueprint Watch for 3 hours.
  • The camo watch fell for three hours.

All of these rewards must be claimed by September 17, 2023.

  • MW3 Beta Code – Buckeyes Ticket #1 Waiting for an hour.
  • MW3 Beta Code Sweeps Ticket #2 Watch for two hours.
  • MW3 Alpha Code Sweeps Ticket #3 Watch 3 hours.

After the sweepstakes are finished, the winners will receive their MW3 Beta code via email.

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