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How can we make a feisty meal with the farm?

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By passing through the 40 floors of the Croreshall, you may wonder whether the A Spicy Encounter Flammo will tax you if it’s the Affae Farm that you have planned for yourself. Once again, because of all the sprite quests that I’ve encountered in the game, I found it the easiest. To get to Flammo by chance, you might have already gotten coal, fireweed and flame salts just by passing through the area.

We have a screen shot by Siliconera.

How can you find all of the items for Flammo in a spit of sandboxes at Fae Farm.

For the last mining dungeon quest, Flammos requests in A Spicy Encounter in the Fae Farm are incredibly simple. One can get everything except the Scorched Caverns or its nearby towns. The exception is the Flame heart. This cauliflower is grown by Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer if you have it planted in fae soil or at the Fae Acres farm.

Here is everything you need to chill Flammo.

  • 2 Ancients: Cut a million pieces of ancients trees in the frozen Plateau. Also, some enemies of the Scorched Cavern drop ancient logs.
  • 5 Hearts: Plant cauliflower in fae soil or in Fae Acres soils, then use Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer to eat it. This new crop is coming around when it comes to harvest.
  • 10 Flame Salts: Use an Orichalcum Shovel to dig it up from lava-esque ground and lay it in later floors in Scorched Caverns.
  • 15 yen: You can use a pickaxe and save all coal on the coal scrops in the mine to get it. It’s found in Scorched Caverns.
  • 15 Furse: You need an Orichalcum Smooth to make this harvest off grassy spots in the Grengen Cavern.

As usual, after delivering everything, you’ll need to wait until next morning for a cutscene that shows the result of the events. In my Switch game, this was broken and I only saw black backgrounds with text. Once finished, you learn the Bash spell. It lets you crack through the glowing slabs around Azoria and get access to the Frozen farm.

Fae Farm is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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