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How Many episodes and when do new Aakhri Sach season 1 debut?

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The viewer of Aakhri Sach Season 1 wonders how many episodes have been played and when a new episode comes out. The Indian movie is from the real-life tragedy of that Burari incident, which took place after all 11 members remarry on Monday night. The police are asking the investigation into this case, giving way to shocking revelations about how unfortunate it was.

Here’s how much a movie is, and where it has become out.

How many episodes is the first in Aakhri Sach?

Aakhri Sach Season 1 has six episodes.

The episode lists are the following:

  • Episode 1: Breaking news: Ek Rahasyi (Hilber) – Kashi Khan.
  • Episode 2: Fighting – Saayek’s Heart.
  • Episode Three: Shadows of the Past: Vahem.
  • Episode 4: Regressions in a dark place.
  • Episode 5: AnRevelation of Khulas’ story.
  • Episode 6: Final Countdown, Sadhana.

The limited series is divided into six chapters, each of which ends on a shocking wall. The story centers on Anya, ten-year policeman who is dedicated to finding out the truth behind the deaths of 11 members in this family’s death. The real cause of the family’s beliefs is gradually uncovered, thus being cleared up towards a final decision. The show’s direction is described as disturbing and hauntingly in a captivating manner.

Aakhri Sach’s cast includes Tamannaah Bhatim, who plays Anyo. Abhishek Banerjee and Shivin Narang appear, respectively. The additional cast includes Danish Iqbal, Nishu Dikshiti and Kriti Vij. Sanjiv Chopra is also represented by Rahul Bagga while Gagan Pradeep is praised for his performance in this role too;

When are the new Aakhri Sach episodes coming out?

The first half of Aakhri Sach is available. There is no new episode.

Watch Aakhri Sach Season 1 on its way.

The official picture of the first episode in Aakhri Sach says: “Ah, then.”

A twisted novel that unravels the greatest stories of fate, secrets in an escape from my family and terrible horror.

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