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How old is Qi Qi in Genshin Impact, how tall is the birthday and when is it up to the age of a child?

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Qi Qi is a legend of Cryos’s Gyshesas, but has good courage in helping his teammates to heal his hands. More than a century ago, she walked from the land of Adepts a mere kilometre away and discovered a demon whose death rang her. The former didn’t want the death of an innocent child to be in its tummy, and threw it into a wall, then sealed it in amber for a hundred years, to allow his madness to escape the power of such an evil. I finally got to meet Qi Qi as the owner of the Bubu hut, Bai Zhu, who was very lucky to have met a man and woman in his shop.

Being zombies without masters, the girl must order herself to do anything. She always reads notes with her notebook because she has huge memory problems, and performs gymnastics several times a day to keep her feet flexible. We will talk about that later in the article.

Qi Qi Productivity

For zombies that play, a model of the body is used. In varying sources, its height is different, but on average Qi Qi 137 cm grows.

Using this image, Qi Qi grew with all sides.

How old is Qi Qi?

The character is one of the heroes having two lifespans. The biological age of Qi Qi is 8 years old and the real age is over 100.

When is Qi’s birthday?

According to the Pisces, Qi Qis birthday is March 3. There are many other ideas that can be found in the About the Characters section – even if you haven’t received a hero from the collection. To anyone who can make this game, just enter the Character Gallery in the Paimon menu and choose a swordswoman.

We recommend you to go to Genshin on March 3, because on the day that everyone gets a letter in the in-game letter from the birthday girl with some gifts, one containing the smallest amount of resources and a special Qi Qi dish Dish Without a Future. Take Naletaykas recipe as a base and cook a zombie girl.

We hope that our article helps you see Qi Qis height, date of birth, and approximate age.

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