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How Overwatch Two designers turn Ramattra into a perfect Greek god with Poseidon skin

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In the last few weeks, overwatch 2 has been flooded with updates, and Ramattra was one of them. The tank was introduced in the second season. It has been used to shake up the tank meta with multiple long-range attacks.

Although the original design is impressive, this season’s battle pass gave players an amazing ‘Poseidon Ramattra’ shade to showcase in Overwatch matches.

The creator of the Ramattra skin from Poseidon shared their original concept art, and it looks incredible.

Bigmeatsenpai shared their idea piece on Twitter, saying that I was pleased with this one. The nemisis form doubles Ramattra size, which makes the tank an hulk-like god – the tower of a rival with their opponent.

Here’s the concept for Ramattra (Poseidon). It’s possible that the ships carry their way out with their lands. I had a good time with this one. #Overwatch2 #ramattra #poseidon pic.twitter.com/quiOh6gcvn

Bigmeat (@bigmeatsenpai) December 19, 2022

They kept him in line with the perfectly-greek-god theme and its skin. This is a skin that belongs to the highest levels of the Overwatch 2 Battle pass.

Players can acquire Poseidon Ramattra at the tier 20 of this season’s battle pass. He won’t need a long time to get it. Characters that are introduced later in the season typically have a two-week buffer, so players can learn their skills in non-competitive game modes.

Kiriko was a hero that took 2 weeks to arrive, so there’s a chance Ramattra will be arriving in competitive play around Dec. 20, 2022.

Also prepare to flex your Poseidon muscles if it is competitive soon.


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