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How the Barbie movie could set the record straight

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The upcoming Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, has already gotten into a following thanks to the abundance of interesting sets from this year’s filming. The first official video of the film has finally been released this month.

The only way that a producer made the film was to show one of his only shots and a dialogue, but the one who gave her an introduction voiceover by Helen Mirren, noting that this preview didn’t give fans a lot to analyze from the film itself. Unfortunately, it gave the film the tone and approach to source material.

The bulk of the trailer is a first-comment introduction homage to the astropodema of 2001. The above statement played over a group of girls with their baby dolls, explaining that said dolls have often been stapled in young girlshood since the beginning. The original Barbie doll from 1959 has a black-and-white swimsuit that Margot Robbies makes her debut. Last, a few clips from the film featuring Robbie and other actors, including Ryan Gosling, Issa Rae and Simu Liu, will be shown briefly with the movie logo.

The rare glimpses we get of the movie make it clear that Barbie is taking great inspiration from a line of toys from outfits to the bright colored world itself. But its not just Barbies aesthetics that will be in the movie her spirit, but rather her creators’ spirit. Barbie is not the only girl toy, but it’s widely considered an insecurate brand. As pointed out in the trailer, Barbie was and is a keeper of the toys industry, and is often overlooked nowadays.

After Barbie rang the first toy for girl’s sake in the trailer. These dolls are a more appropriate way of telling them something fun and colourful, so they do not waste their money being sold to girls.

So when Barbie stepped out on the scene, she checked a different box. The character was older than her target demographic, obliterating her ability to do anything that would have a better idea than to focus on her needs. She was a model, which was both good and bad, but it was an alternative to baby dolls and her caregiving expectations came with them.

Sure, Barbie spook quite a lot of gendered expectations to the looks department, but a brand grew a bit more progressive than that he did often. Barbie continued to show women who take on roles in a great deal of more than just motherhood. She played almost every sport here, from women with common observances like gymnastics, hockey, and basketball to boxing. She had many careers, such as doctor, chef, director, dancer, news anchor, entrepreneur, teacher, farmer, military officer, firefighter, astronaut, scientist, pilot, cowgirl, and beekeeper.

Aside from the color of blonde hair and blue eyes, Barbie has become more inclusive over the years. The dolls first became more racially diverse and recently rolled out a wide range of body types and abilities, plus the dolls with wheelchairs and even the tools for hearing aids joined the Barbie-inspired lineup. It is something that the film will include, and these versions of Barbie and Ken will also be shown and are radically different from each other.

When Margot Robbie watched The Truman Show and Splash to prepare for the role, the movie Barbie is supposed to appear to resemble the most right time. This was also a film dedicated to bringing about the world of the popular toys brand in life, but had a self-consciousness that endeared it to audiences. It never got to the point of self-parody, but incorporated the unique features of the toy, the way people play with and use it, and the culture surrounding it.

Since Barbie was called subversive and the trailer attracting audiences for a taste of that, one wonders if the film will go a bit further than criticize the brand and its name, however, its past as a whole is not that of the modern day, then its past of being less inclusive than it is today. I don’t like the LEGO movie, but Barbie seems to be geared a bit further towards adults than the movie.

It also appears that Will Ferrells Barbie character is reported to be the CEO of Mattel, so the brand will play a role in the film. Nevertheless, it may not be considered that Mattel Films is one of the production companies behind the project. The movie may not end up being as critic of the toy company as it would be. While the film theaters being the most famous film for which the actors make it to the top of the list, surely something in Barbie will surprise audiences when it arrives.

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