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How to apply the Flashlight to Starfield?

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Players should use their flashlight in Starfield to navigate dark caves and abandoned outposts, but switching on may not seem simple.

Happily, using this handy little device carried over from the Fallout series is much easier than many expected.

In Starfield, even if you had forgotten how to use the flashlight at the start of the tutorial, or because it’s very curious from the beginning, here’s the guide to how to use it.

How to use the flashlight in the Starfield classroom?

It’s easy to use the flashlight in Starfield and requires only one button press. To use a flashlight in Starfield, do what you need.

  • Xbox
    • Hold LB till it turns on.
  • PC
    • Run the F until it turns on.

Of course, it’s important to note you should press the flashlight button in Starfield, and use that F key and Left Bumper for other steps in Starfield.

Pressing LB on Xbox, for example, brings up the scanner which you can use in order to quickly navigate or scan nearby objects. Similarly, tapping F on your PC activates the scanning mode.

The flashlight in Starfield isn’t a book in your inventory like that in Skyrim. You are not using the flashlight on your helmet.

The wrong helmet does not need to be replaced. Your flashlight will always be automatically equipped.

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