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How to Be Better in Warzone 2

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Here is how to get better at Warzone 2 to make sure the last time that circle collapses in Al Mazrah.

When you first get to the second-world war, it can become difficult to win.

Thankfully, there are many ways to improve your game, and ensure you are able to finish at the top every time you drop.

Best Warzone 2 Tips & Tricks.

Here are the best tips and tricks that you must use to better the Warzone 2: How did you get better?

Find the best location for drop-by-heads.

One of the most important things to improve in Warzone 2 is where you choose to leave. This decision usually sets the tone for the rest of the match and can make anything difference.

Although Al Al Mazrah is a fight royale with randomized loot, some areas are kinder than others. Although these areas could have bountiful loot, many other players can also frequent them.

It’s important to find a great balance between both sides when you go out of bed. You want a location with loot and rarely encounters so you can wait at home!

Luckily, there are a few landing points in Al Mazrah that players might benefit from.

Take your primary weapon, faq.

In Warzone 2, you can buy a Primary Weapon at the Buy Station from one of the actual loads. You can have a weapon you know.

A familiar, well-attached weapon can help you win some crucial early gun fights and turn your circle later on.

You may even buy the primary weapon quickly, so as to buy the gun when the game begins.

Keep up with the actual condition.

Once you have gotten used to getting cash early and getting your First Weapon, you have to learn everything you can about the actual meta.

To improve Warzone 2 you should improve the standard of weapons. These weapons are better than most of them, and they can all be used as weapons.

They are in the current era because of their fast TTK and is incredibly useful in many situations.

The meta is always changing, so keep updated with the latest meta weapons and their best loadout.

Practices in the Fering Range.

There’s one fundamental that can always be improved, the next at your chance. Fortunately, the player is able to customize their weapons and carry the weapon in a firing zone, to practice with a few targets.

If you own Modern Warfare 2, you can also practice your loadout in Ground War. This map is big enough to give you a sense of the distance and variety Al Mazrah offers.

If you don’t own MW2, you can still head into the DMZ and take a customized Insured Weapon to test the current meta.

It is crucial to get a sense of the recoil of the weapon and its TTK. This allows you to plan your battle accordingly and see which weapon is useful early in the match and which one tries to achieve victory.

Obtain your ticketing pass.

Though players can buy their primary weapons, having a loading-out drop allows players to build their own perks.

Since there’s an issue with Ultimate Perk not activating properly, it’s easy to correct that by equiping one of the default classes.

The best way to decide is to:

  • Purchase Primary Weapons.
  • The class for Default is set from loadout drop.
  • Pick up primary weapons.

You can enjoy some full range of perks while you have both meta weapons in your loadout.

Check out the best perk packages here to see which ones will suit your playstyle better!

Loot Strongholds and Black Sites & Black Site.

In order to compete in Warzone 2, players must build strongholds and Black areas.

A Stronghold is a heavily guarded building that opens up just a few seconds before the first round of the circle is about to close.

There are over 77 possible spawns for them. Sometimes it’s smart to drop closer to the area with lots of spawn locations so you can find a Stronghold.

You might have a Black Site. This allows you to unlock an unbelievable end-game loot that will tilt any battle against you.

It’s a great practice, and if you can win consistently a Stronghold and a Blacksite in your matches, chances are you can consistently win.

Learn about the Rotation program at Al Mazrah.

Once you have begun to learn the basics about gunfights and movement, the next step for improving is to learn the proper way to rotate in Al Al Mazrah.

This means players observe the Circle Collapse and plan their next move with the intention of staying ahead of the circle. If the players wait too long, they lose the remainder of the match to fight the Circle Collapse to stay in the zone.

This can lead to unfortunate encounters with the enemies already swarmed and waiting to have a lion squander into the zone.

Keep up with the Collapse of the Circle before it ends.

Keep your map organized and the timer enables you to watch the circle. If you spend too much time looting, you’ll be hit with gas and lost health while losing your temper.

If you find the Circle Collapse about one-way away from where you landed, then the best thing to do is find a Gas Mask to prepare yourself.

The gas mask allows you to survive in the gas for a few seconds. The easiest way to find it is by purchasing them from the Buy Stations or looting one from a Stronghold.

Be careful when droplets carry loads.

It may seem so tempting to go straight for a loadout drop, but that may also be a bit dangerous, since the other players will be trying to get their loadouts, too.

If you don’t want to risk the event, you can buy a Loadout Drop. Although they can be very expensive, this can be quite expensive.

Make use of vehicles to get the benefit of vehicles.

This usually gets neglected. But knowing when to drive and when to use these cars is a huge advantage in Warzone 2.

Al Mazrah has a variety of cars. Players can travel by air, water and land. The levels of security vary; however, some vehicles are carrying weapons.

If your team wants to move and is close to the last ten teams, the best option is to use a vehicle to gain better rotation or location in the zone.

If you follow these tips, you’re the deadliest player in Al Mazrah and you may be able to push for the Champions Contract.

Using the Champions Contract is the only way of getting a tee in Warzone 2. After the match, end the game with the Champions Victory.


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