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How to Change Your Avalon in the Baldurs Gate 3: How to Change Your Appearance

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The Larian Studios have officially added an item through the 3.0 Baldurs Gate 3 patch which will allow players to change their appearance. Although there are a few restrictions, the Magic Mirror will allow you to customize certain aspects of your character if you want to change your name or hairstyles. This guide shows you how you can change a look in a gate at Baldurs Gate 3 and how to find the item that you can do that.

How to change appearance in the street 3 of the Baldurs Gate.

If you want to change your appearance, you have to go to camp. If you aren’t able to access your camp, it’s a fairly simple operation if you have lots of supplies. After you have reached camp, you should put on a Magic Mirror. This particular item can be used all the time as much as you want, but be careful not to get over the same area unless it’s in any particular area. Let’s look at that general location.

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What can you change using the Magic Mirror in Baldurs Gate 3?

Here’s the full list of items that you can customize once you leave for camp.

  • General Appearance
  • Gender
  • Pronouns
  • Voice

For the magic mirror, you can only change your own Origin or race (or subrace) in your own way. That means that the Magic Mirror in Baldurs Gate 3 only affects the more cosmetic aspects of your character. To be able to change your body, the genitals can also be changed.

That said, players can change their Class at any time during the game. If you have Withers at your camp, you can choose any class which you want, so long as you pay the price. That isn’t all that bad. You can also use Withers to manage companions.

Baldurs Gate 3 is available for PlayStation 5 and PC. It will appear on Xbox consoles sometime in 2023.

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