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How to disable rounded address bar in Microsoft Edge?

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Although Microsoft Edge has no major problems with consistency and user interface, many users agree that the rounded address bar Microsoft released last year looks slightly out of place in the application with mostly squared UI elements. Luckily, reverting the address bar to its previous version is relatively easy—all you need is a shortcut modified with a special command.

Disable the rounded address bar in Microsoft Edge

The following guide applies to Microsoft Edge version 115.0.1901.203. It may change in future updates. Also, you might need to redo the steps below after installing a future update.

  1. Begin with turning off Startup Boost. Head to Menu > Settings > System (you can also use the edge://settings/system link) and toggle off the Startup Boost option. The old address bar will not persist without disabling Startup Boost first.A screenshot of Microsoft Edge Settings with the Startup Boost feature highlighted
  2. Close Microsoft Edge and unpin it from the taskbar. Delete the desktop shortcut if you use it to launch the browser.
  3. Open the Start menu, right-click Microsoft Edge in the All Apps list, and select More > Open File Location. Windows will open a File Explorer window with a list of all apps.
  4. Right-click Microsoft Edge and select Properties. Tip: Press Alt + Enter to open the properties window without right-clicking an object.A screenshot of the properties window for Microsoft Edge
  5. Click the Target box in the properties window, place one space, and type –disable-features=msOmniboxFocusRingRoundEmpasize. Do not place a period at the end of the command.
  6. Click Ok to save the changes.
  7. Open the Start menu and pin Microsoft Edge to the taskbar. Alternatively, create a shortcut on the desktop.
  8. Run Microsoft Edge and watch it use the proper-looking squared address bar. Note: You need to keep Startup Boost off. Turning the feature back on will result in Microsoft Edge reverting to the new rounded address bar upon the next launch.

Which address bar variant do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: u/RedditUser_2020 on Reddit

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