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How to explore the Science Society ruins in Genshin Impact and open the gate of the museum’s entrance

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The ruins of the Scientific Society in Genshin Impact one of the initial steps of the Tide Trail world quest in Fontaine. After talking to Virgil, head to the beach for a hike to find and explore the ruins of an ancient society. In this article, I will tell you how to start this task and to find clues and to find the ruins.

Find and collect clues.

Before going searching for the ruins, make sure to open any Hydro-Archions statue. This is necessary so you can swim in tandem. Come and see the Statue; and then you’ll begin with a small dialogue between the Traveler and Paimon, and the diving industry.

Head northwest of the Cours de Fontaine, and descend to the bottom of the lake. Go along the ocean with the quest marker and locate yellow, glowing clues on either side.

We recommend checking each marked light to avoid further problems with the passage of the task.

Explore the ruins of a learned society in Genshin Impact.

Take a walk to the underwater teleporter and swim in the deep hole next to this, where the ruins are located. The entrance blocked by algae is east. Get a key to go further and open the passage.

How to defeat the stingrays and open the chest in the seaweed, how to use the stingrays to keep a grip on the head.

In the centre of the space for the underwater space, hangs an unspoilt chest, protected by sharp rays. In order to defeat them, find a blue Xenochrome Ostray nearest and use the left mouse to pull off the knock that would take away its ability. By using your skills, retaliate the two stingrays near the chest, remembering their attacks. Inside the open treasury is a keynecessary for the more progress of the quest.

If there’s no key in the chest, take a look at another key, locked in the seaweed near the bottom of the room. To achieve that, cut the plant with the blade of the Xenochrome Sharpshooter.

The Ancient Key is hidden through a box on the roof of the dilapidated building on the north side of the room or by a smudy ball on the south side. Just do it.

How to penetrate a stone in blue veins.

After discovering that ancient key, explore the passage blocked by algae and use the Xenochrome Razorback skill to eliminate the plants. Cross the place with green circles, then swim further until you reach the large wall with blue veins.

For me to break a code, locate an armored crab called xenochrome in the area and refuse to create shields. Swim near the wall that blocks the road and use the skill next to it. The created shield is able to break through the stone and you can move up.

How to open the gate

Walk across the wall and discover a locked door. To open it you will need a previous key. The button on the right is a click of the Activate button. Use the object to open the doorway and explore the ruins. Relax in the flooded rooms and search for the following clues.

We hope this guide helped you understand the scientific community’s rules in Genshin impact. Read a lot about Fontaine and see the examples of the genshin impact video on the website.

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