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How to fix blank tiles in Windows 10 Start Menu

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For those still using Windows 10, you’ve no doubt come across tiles that have suddenly become empty or their “live” aspect has stopped working. This happened on my system, and after a long period of searching to no avail, I came across a workaround that didn’t look like the fix offered elsewhere.

Other sites suggest clearing the Start Menu cache or icon cache. Actually, the Microsoft Answers site Offer that too, but those suggestions didn’t work at all for me. The actual fix is ​​actually much simpler.

  1. An empty tile site that needs to be fixed.

    Windows 10 Start Menu Tiles

  2. Right-click the problem icon (blank tile) and then select More > App settings.

  3. Scroll down and click on CorrectThis will fix the icon in the start menu.

    Windows 10 Start Menu Tiles

  4. If a patch does not exist, click initialization to fix the icon. However, you may need to log in to this app again.

Results vary, for example pressing reset while repairing the Messenger app doesn’t require you to sign in again. But before you reset any app, make sure you are able to connect to it again.

the result

Start menu empty tiles

Now we have icons again on what were empty tiles. Unfortunately, live tile behavior isn’t something I’ve been able to find a fix for, it either works or it doesn’t.

Share your Start Menu tweaks in the comments below!

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