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How to Get Free 50K & 100K Pack in EA FC 24!

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Considering you want to expand your roster of players in EA club 24, but you don’t want to invest any money, you can download a 50 and 100-kip pack in order to make it a little easier.

In FC 24, the 50-kba pack is a rare players’, and the 100-kba class is a rare players’ game. Both packs will give players 36 rare gold players a total of four players. This method will give players the tradeable 50K and the untradeable 100KK Pack.

Get the Tradeable 50K and Untradeable 100K Pack free and in under one hour.

Get free $50 & 100K packet in the F2A.

To get a free 50K and untradeable 100K Pack in EA FC 24, you must complete the Zero Milestone Goals Mastery and use 60 STARs for Moments to purchase a Rare Players Pack.

  • Go to the Player tab to play for Ultimate Team.
  • Take a look at the Milestones.
  • Complete all the goals from beginning to end.
  • That will give 60 stars to buy the Rare Players Pack from Moments.
    • This is a 20-K Pack for trade. This means that all the 12 Rare Gold Players can be sold in the Transfer Market.
  • After you finish the Moments section, go to the Points tab.
  • Go to the Point of Entry tab.
  • Scroll down to the Moments of Mastery.
  • All of the objectives should be marked as fulfilled. Talk with them to earn your reward.
  • You can get the Jumbo Rare Players Pack for completement of all the objectives. There aren’t any exceptions to this subject.
    • Bronze Pack (incompatible) premium.
    • Silver Premium Pack (we don’t share it).
    • Gold pack (untradeable)
    • Two rare gold players pack (nontradeable).
    • X2 Pack Premium Gold (Untradeable) x2:
  • Before starting this objective, the first thing we recommend to do is create an Ultimate Team with 88 OVRs and 33 Chemistry. That will complete Ultimate Moments Group.

    It’s worth noting that your bench will also affect the OVR of your team. So you need starting 11 and a team that can reach 88 OVR.

    It might seem difficult, but you’ll do a few other goals first and then that will give you Loan Icon players.

    • Complete the Swoosh Classics live objective to get three loan Icons.
      • The loan players don’t use contracts in moments. They can be used for any task you need in the moment.
    • Do all the Nike Mad Ready Objectives, so you will get an 85+ Two Players Pack.
    • Complete all the Foundations.
      • Thankfully, we have solutions that can help you overcome these obstacles:
        • Hybrid Nations SBC solution.
        • Hybrid Leagues SBC solution
        • SBC Solution for individuals and their groups.

    If you fail to master the major leagues, the British bristol, and the British colony, you’ll actually receive three untradeable Rare Players (100k) packs. This might help you build a meta-Umper Team early in your career.

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