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How to Get the best Swallow Swimsuit in FFVII Ever Crisis I’ve Got to Get Tropical Beach Zack..

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Square Enix is taking place in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. From September 10-28:2023, players can get unique Summer themed Gear, Weapons and even Draw Tickets. The event has two different types of currency you can collect from participation, one of which is used to get a special set of Zack gear. You can get the Tropical Beach Zack Fair swimsuit in Ever Crisis.

How to Get the Tropical beach Zack Fair Swimsuit in FFVII Ever Climbing.

The BeachZack Fair Swimsuit is a unique piece of equipment that players must participate in the Beach Festival. The Tropical Beach Gear costs 500 personos. This specific event currency can be obtained from the event stage or through the participation in the Co-op Mission. The missions of the solo-op mission can be found in the Home screen of ever-ceiling finale. From here you’ll be able to select between the two tabs on right side of the screen that show you Solo and Co-op. Solo Missions are the events specific Missions, with a unique narrative.

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A co-op mission is more easy. It functions like the standard Co-Op Missions in Ever Crisis, where you can fight bosses against other players. If you don’t fight the stock and any common enemies of the Co-op mission, you’ll be squaring against a tangent-based watermelon tonberry. The single mission, as well as co-op mission, takes stamina, offer more rewards. So that’s one of the fastest ways to do so if you want the Tropical Beach Gear for Zack.

After acquiring 500 lifesavers, go with the menu of the Beach Festival Fun, and tap on Exchange. You’ll be transported to the event store. This is where you can buy this seasonal gear. It might seem that you need to scroll down one bit to find this, but this is definitely what you want to invest in your Lifesavers. Even if you own a 5-Star piece of Gear for Zack, it provides HP +8 and MDEF +8.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisisis now available for Android and iOS.

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