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How to Go Pokemon: Small Lucky Swap Rule Change, Big Joy?

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Two new games open tonight, 22nd and 22nd at 10:00, Susanne Braun With the announcement of the Winter Wonderland event in Pokemon Go, which starts on December 24, 2022, the creators say that the games should be better changed. As long as the Pokemon have been tradingoff forever, he says he is always happy. But the limit will soon be lowered from 10 to 15 pocket monsters.

In Pokemon Gonnouncing three events for the winter holidays 2022, some of which are running simultaneously, developers have hidden a reference to a rule adjustment for lucky exchanges that most trainers may not see. With Winter Wonderland event, a cap on the lucky Swap Pokémon caught in 2017 or earlier and then traded will be raised.

Previously, the limits of Pokemon that are guaranteed to be Lucky Pokemon when traded with another trainer was 10. With Winter Wonderland, the limit will be increased to 15, but this rule change is permanently applicable next year’s only on December 24, 2022 at 10:00. The Niantic people explicitly point this out via Twitter so that you can not trade the valuable 5-year-old and aspiring lucky Pokemon right now and ask about why they were not provided with Golden Lucky glitter.

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They’re probably putting this reminder forward because there were repeated mistakes relating to the lucky exchange and the activation of certain rules.

What is a Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Who would like Lucky Pokemon? If you trade a Pokemon with a friendly trainer, there’s a chance that both Mon and Pod will become Lucky Pokemon. These two then require less stardust for power ups and their stats are falling below 12/12/12 so they can become a Hundo. Once your collection has completed, the chances that Pocket Monsters will become lucky Pokemon increases. Pokemon that have been caught in the past year can be rewarded with prizes during exchanges between 24 and 2022 at 10 o’clock.


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