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How to Make Sour but Sweet in Fae Farm

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Sour but Sweet is one of the story quests of the Fae Farm story involving falling into a dungeon at a sprite to reach that needs assistance. Even though it’s quite difficult to get up there, if you do not desire to get the Fairbreath potion to breathe into the dungeon due to the miasma, it may be hard to do list on Boletals. As long as you’re a watery creature, getting every item takes some effort.

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How do you get the goods for the fetus but sweet quest?

There are three items you need, and most aren’t too expensive. Many of them you’d already gotten along. Even if you were doing something in the Fae realm, you may really do that.

Here’s the full list of things you need to buy a sweet tooth, but not for use at the Fae Farm.

  • 3 ice cream: Catch sun Sprites or Myst Fairies in the Fae realm, then leave them at the Fae’s Critter Conservatory. You get a hunch for each of them.
  • A Polished Emerald: Mine Rough Emeralds from Floating Ruins, then put them in the polisher’s Gems. You need ten rough versions to make the polished one.
  • 5 tyres: Use Sickle to get to the floating ruteon to get the tyres, then leave it at the Potion Ingredients Station to get into it. There are four potholes that can make one cup of rice.
  • 0 Violet yields: Grab these mushrooms harvested in the Fae Realm in the wild.
  • 14 Clover Feed: Use the Sickle to cut clover in the Fae arena.
  • After you leave all the items with Boletal, they’ll say they will come back again for the next day to do the spell to reduce the stress. Once the next day begins, you will see a story sequence to complete the chapter five of the game and receive a new magic spell for your staff, called Faerie Fire. This can be fashioned to be built from deep crystals or other gaps. One, from what I saw, is that. A bridge in the Fae realm, that leads to the Fae Acres farm.

    Fae Farm is available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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