How to overclock PS5 controller polling rate To lower input Laggia


Knowing how to overclock the PS5 controller is beneficial to competitive players who enjoy low input lag when playing on PC. Reactive inputs can win at speed games like first-person shooters and racing games. Here we can overlock the PS5 Dual-Sense controller to increase the polling rate to 8,000 and reduce output latency.

Note: Users overclocking their PS5 controller is risky. Although I have personally used the overclock multiple times, there’s always a risk of creating new firmware and tweaking settings.

How to get the PS5 controller overclocking?

Should the PS5 controller stop the clock, the owners should take the action of:

  • Update the PS5 controller on the latest firmware.
    • Download the latest firmware updater of the PS5 controllers here using a PC.
    • Run the updater and follow the instructions until the controller’s fully updated.
  • Download and install the control panel.
    • Visit the Github for the Overclocking-Software.
    • Copy this page and then Code then Download Zip.
    • Extract the zip file to the computer and then the hidusbf file to the computer.
    • Look at the setup folder on the left.
  • Check if you’re reading a test’s polling numbers.
    • If the computer’s plugged into the computer, you can select All in the dropdown menu.
    • Select the device with a wireless controller under Child’s name.
    • Choose the polling rate from top-left – to 8.8.
    • Click “Install Service” and go.”
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