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How to protect the stars without killing anybody in the centre of the game

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Siren of the Stars is one of the main missions of the Crimson Fleet and the UC SysDef in Starfield. Having a large number of tasks to complete, it is one of my personal favorite missions. If you want the best results, it’s better to complete Siren of the Stars, without killing anyone aboard the ship.

How to complete the pacific work in Starfield with the ‘Sister of the Stars’ How to finish peacefully restoring life.

First and foremost, to complete the Siren of the stars in Starfield with an absolute victory, you must consider two things. First of all, the award is optional, technically.

If you want to do this, follow the pencil in your quest to talk to the woman who is responsible for the award in the bar party area. Your ability to recognize the degree that the degree of persuasion does for this will attract you at least one ranked, and you can convince you to reveal where the award is.

Take the opportunity to open your door for the award. This will then require you to go back to the same award-giver woman from then on again and convince her to give you the key to access the award so you can steal it safely. Please save yourself before attempting to do this with this conviction.

That’s what you need to accomplish for the other half of the mission, and then on: it’s just what you need to do to do this peacefully.

  • Meet with partygoers on the dance floor until you learn about the specifics of your target.
  • Speak with his assistant and convince her to tell he is a verbal person.
  • Visit her partner’s apartment on the dance floor.
  • Ask the captain of the ship to activate the emergency alarm.
  • Consult the unlikely partner in crime in his room and get more info.
  • Finally, meet your mission-best friend in his room and convince him to give you the GalBank info, you’re probably supposed to complete that quest. Some credit cards will be required, depending on the choice you make.

Starfield is available for the Xbox S’ and PC series.

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