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In The Forgotten Realms Death is inevitable, and Baldurs Gate 3 presents its own set of challenges to players in form of arduous combat encounters or even dangerous puzzles. Some of these encounters leave your party worse for wear or even kill. Even dead can be brought back into the living realm, for you to be sure you’ll be doing this. This guide will explain how to revive the characters in Baldurs Gate 3.

How to Revive Characters in Baldurs Gate 3 – How To Get Characters Revived in Baldurs Gate!

Reviving character in Baldurs Gate 3 is relatively simple, especially since the game gives you more than enough scrolls of Revivify for the task. And for that reason, these are probably some of the most valuable items in the game. Once the character has died, you may use a Scroll of Revivify to revive them, so long as they are within your line of sight. If you don’t have the ability to revive your old party members, there are spells for revival.

The Clerics and the Paladins can get through the Revivify spell, which is exactly what a Scroll of Revivify does. After you have achieved level three, this is not available, but then will you be able to use a trick. It means that you won’t be able to play early. However, if you have access to this spell, you can play it as much as you like between Long Rests, if you have the key to do so.

That being said, there’s a third option you can use to revive dead parties, and that’s with Withers. Upon recruiting Withers, he will skulk around your camp and allow you to change class, but also revive dead party members. In the same way that you changed your class, it’ll cost you time to revive dead characters with 200 gold.

As you can see, death is never permanent in the gate 3. Reviving characters is relatively easy, if you don’t have the resources.

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