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How to Reduce Weapon Rarity (FFVII) Every Crisis

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While Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis allows you to play a free game, there’s a Weapon Gacha. This means that players need to roll banners to get weapons that will give their characters extra abilities and stat benefits. Even if you don’t roll the most rare rifle, there are various ways of raising it. This guide will give you a better idea of increasing weapon rarity in FFVII Ever Crisis.

How to Increase Weapons Rarity FVII Ever Crisis.

In order to raise Weapon Rarity, you should use one of two weapons. These are the weapons and the weapons that character-specifically are the weapons. Two of these can help reduce the rarity of a weapon. You can use an entire eight buster sword swords to teach this system. These are achieved through Jumpstart Missions.

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No doubt Weapon Parts can only be used on certain types of weapons. For example, the Buster Sword Weapon Parts can only be used to upgrade the rarity of the Buster Sword. Where Character Specific Weapon parts can be used for all kinds of Character Specific Weapons. For example, the Special Weapon Parts only Tifa can equip can be used on weapons.

For one way or another you can increase your weapon rarity by taking an item with a banner to buy and sell the weapon with higher rarity. This will depend entirely on luck, and could cost you a lot if you decide to pay more on the game. Or eat up what free in-game currency you give you through missions and making progress to the story.

Final Fantasy VII ever Crisis is available from iOS and Android.

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