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How to replace the name of your Starfield Ship?

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When you make and customise your spacecraft, you may also like to rename your ship, too. You may go to the specific location in the Bethesdas space RPG if you want to access the naming tool.

How do I replace my ship name in Starfield?

At the beginning of the game, the ship is called the Frontier. As you finish your mission and get a larger ship in Starfield, you’ll notice quickly that all spacecraft come with a pre-defined name already. Even now, Bethesda has developed an easy-to-use customization system with a ship name and an important feature.

If you want to name your ship in Starfield, you may go to a Spaceport or a ship service vendor. During my talks with the servicer, you must select the option I want to view and modify my ships. Now that you viewed the ship vendor menu, you can rename your ships in Starfieldby by following the steps below.

  • Press on Xbox to select Ship Builder mode.
  • Use the = or Menu button while working with the Ship Builder to take Flight Check.
  • Go and remember your ship! Just press the X button on the ship.

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That’s really. In Starfield the fastest way to rename its ship is to go to New Atlantis Spaceport. After you quit your craft, you can find the Ship Services NPC in a very small neighborhood adjacent to the Trade Authority. If your ship was acquired through nefarious means, afraid not! It’s still possible to rename your stolen ship, but it’s not mandatory for you to register them first through the same Ship Service vendor.

Starfield is now available on the Xbox X and PC.

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