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How To save the Cats in the Dark Forest in The Night Market of Minekos?

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If you unlock new locations in the minekos Night Market so that you cost the tool, chances are Wood Axe and Dark Forest will be the second place you go. There are only six cats here that are captured by agents. Half of them include timing your movements with no flashlight if agents film. There is no doubt that certain aspects of a difficult task can be quite tricky.

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How do I access the Dark Forest in the Ikos Night Market?

As for Birch Forest, you should purchase a axe to get to this new Minekos night market. The 800 $ Wood Axe is what you need. When you buy this from the town hunk shop, you can get the bus from the city library and select the Dark Forest on the map. Once that happens, you’ll be able to rescue their captured cats, so that they’ll be able to open the area.

In the Dark Forest, the Ninth Cat’s How To Save, Minkos Night Market, The Chest of Cats and Cats!

Unlike The Docks, there’s no gimmicks of the Dark Forest at the Minekos Night Market. This is a straightforward section where saving the six cats is mostly about timing. Three specific agents only are two exceptions. One is surrounded by tails that snap if you walk normally, requiring you to creep with the left trigger to get there. Another means blow out a torch to scare them away, which also nets you the walkie you need for the third odd in this situation.

Since many of these sections involve quickly running in when time is right to save the cat, I’ll focus on the trickiest ones to save. First there’s the one in the middle of him with rubble on the ground. You can find this agent at the northeast corner. Hold the left trigger on the Switch. When an icon appears on your map showing you how to interact with the cat cage, do so. Stepping and pushing the trigger, then sneak away.

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One of those next, the agent shining a light on the cat cage in the south-east corner of the city. There’s a bright lantern nearby. Walk by without getting into the flashlight line. The lantern is thrown out by the wind. When the agent leaves, save the cat and pick up the walkie talkie.

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In this next, perhaps tricky place, two agents are walking around the lake in a circle. You want to be as close as possible to one of them. This is because it takes a few seconds to pick and set the cat up a room, and you need a more time consuming way to make sure the second agent don’t catch you. The position I have in the picture below, should work for you.

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The last part of the daring cat rescue in the Dark Forest of the Minekos Night Market involves a car at the north of the map. There is a lawyer there who is holding a walkie talkie watching a cat. If you want to find your inventory, bring them up. This can be done by the Y button on Switch. In this menu, select the walkie talkie you found earlier and use it. You’ll get four options. Have you ever picked the agent?

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There is one last thing not to do in the country. Take the water to the lake, and go there to the cabin where you’ve saved the cat. Hold the door. Agents will run out and Mineko will get a new item. You can also open the area for chopping wood out of trees and fishing from the lake. Please do not do so by chance.

The Minekos Night Market will be on the PlayStation 3, Xbox One and the PS4, Xbox One on October 26, 2023.

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