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How to store weapons and wares in your inventory in Starfield?

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If you’re travelling, you’ll gather lots of loot.

Anyone who had fallen into Starfield will know that you would quickly steal all that loot from your travels, but where would you put it?

To enter the first new universe of the 18th century, it becomes a world of alien animals and space dogfights. However, the opinion on Starfield has been mixed up so far with some fans preferring that version of the original games, such as Skyrim and Fallout.

Some have found it hard to explore the early planets, though Bethesda says its all for realism.

If you take a deeper dive in the game, to find out where the Milky Way lies, how do you store your weapons in your inventory?

Here’s what you should know.

How to store weapons and items in Starfield inventory?

You are now to take away too much loot and not worry enough, so you can be carrying loads to your ship.

When a ship is empty, the storage is indispensable (Pricture: Bethesda).

Please complete the following steps in order to access ships cargo store and store goods.

  • Get on the ship, not just the landing bay.
  • Look at your character’s inventory screen.
  • Touch Q on PC or LB on Xbox to switch to the ship inventory tab.

On the Frontier, you can also find a little piece of inventory to the left of the captains chair. Every ship will have one in the cockpit.

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When you’re at a retailer, pressing Q or LB allows you to purchase or sell products directly into the ship’s inventory.

Please keep in mind that storage is limited, so if you fill it, you’ll be obliged to offload a few items or buy a new storage module (or a smaller ship).

If you’re traveling full pirate, the contents of the car or cargo can put you in prison if they are discovered by security scans.

Where else can I store stuff?

Until now, the reviews of the new universe in Bethesdas have mixed up.

Other places to stash things are:

  • Your teammates can trade gear and give them them items for safe keeping.
  • Your rooms in the Constellation Lodge are safe (for one’s sake) and have been sabotaged (for two years there is a safe)
  • Any lands in the galaxy you own could be created with weapon storage racks and mannequins to show off armour.

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