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How to unite villages in rune factory 3 Special

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The story of Rune Factory 3, special requires you to find an uneasy match between Sharance and Univir Settlement. This is designed to end a long-running dispute between humans and monsters, but only you can do that. But, there’s a number of steps you need to make to achieve this union.

How Do You Begin to Unite Rune Factory Three Special?

Micah needs to recover his memory before he can reunite with them. One way to do that is to make up each game’s four dungeons and win their respective bosses by completing each game. Tanuking in Privera Forest, Ancient Bone in Sol Terrano Desert, Hinoe in Oddward and die Wall in the Vale river.

Come back home and speak to Wells about the Sharance tree. He won’t have all the answers, so visit the Univir settlement in Ondorus. This is where an amity parade happens. Ondorus is talking to Kuruna. So go Talk to Wells and you will get this idea to the whole town. After the event you’ll have to speak with Kuruna and Ondorus. Kuruna isn’t impressed by this idea. Therefore, you need to try to change her mind.

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How do you build the bribe in Rune Factory 3 Special?

After being rejected by Kuruna, go home and we’ll go and look. She’ll suggest giving a bouquet to them. Now all you’ve got to do is find the ingredients.

Get in a shop with Sharas and buy some silks. You must grow each of these and return them to Shara. If that wasn’t my time, you should take all of these flowers to the fields in the appropriate season. Both toyherb and Moondrop are Springflowers, so grow them in the Privera Forest. Pink Cat is a summer flower, so grow it in Sol Terrano. Even a berry is a flower of autumn, so take the flower to Oddward Valley.

These are not the only pieces that you’d like to make the bouquet. You also need a box and a ribbon.

Say the truth about the matter, to Gaius about a brood. If you can get his material, you’ll agree to the idea. He needs 3 silver, 2 platinum and 1 silver. Silver can be mined on the Sol Terrano, Oddward and Vale river. Platinum is used in the rivers Vale. Emerald can be mined in sol Terrano. Bring her the materials and hell set to work. Collect his Brooch on the next day.

The ribbon’s simple. Only speak to Evelyn and shell hand it over.

Do you have all the flowers, including the Brooch and the Ribbon, then bring them to Shara, and make the flowers. You will have to collect this one from her next day.

How do you set the date for the Fair of the Artisanas in Rune Factory 3 Special?

Now that the Boquet is in hand, you have to go to Kuruna in the Univir settlement. She will agree to the Amity Fair now. Talk to Hell and tell them that is his date. Now wait a bit, before the date gets to roll!

The final stop to unite the villages is simply guiding Kuruna around. Let me talk to all residents of the village and introduce you. Next day head outside to check the leaves of the trees, then return to the city to speak with the Wells and Marjorie.

Rune Factory 3-Padded Specials are available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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