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How to watch the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase today and what to expect

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It’s nearly time for another big streaming event from a big game publisher. This time it’s THQ Nordic which is holding its annual Digital Showcase, where it will show off some new trailers and reveal info on previously announced games, and will reveal some all-new games coming in the near future.

When and where can I watch the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase?

The event begins today (Friday, August 11) at the following times and time zones:

  • 12 Noon PDT
  • 3 PM EDT
  • 8 PM BST
  • 9 PM CEST
  • 10 PM EEST

15 minutes before the event begins, there will be a pre-show that will showcase upcoming titles from THQ Nordic’s indie subsidiary HandyGames.

The event can be streamed and watched on THQ Nordic’s YouTube and Twitch channels, along with the publisher’s Steam page. If you are a game streamer and want to stream and react to the event to your audience, you can go to these YouTube and Twitch channels which will have copyright-free music.

What to expect from the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase

THQ Nordic has already announced we can expect some updates from the following titles

  • Alone in the Dark – The upcoming big-budget reboot of the survival horror game series
  • Gothic – A remake of the 2001 classic RPG game
  • Outcast: A New Beginning – The long-awaited sequel to the sci-fi action-adventure game
  • Wreckreation – The new arcade racing game from some of the developers behind the Burnout series
  • Trine 5 – The next game in the fantasy-themed side-scroller game series.

In addition, we expect to see more info on Tempest Rising, an upcoming sci-fi RTS game. Also, last year THQ Nordic ended its 2022 digital showcase with a teaser for an upcoming game based on South Park. Hopefully, we will get more info on that game today as well.

Of course, we will hopefully get some cool surprise reveals as well later today. Stay tuned as we will report on the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase’s announcements.

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