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However, Microsoft’s Next Reader Features feature is something I know will happen if Xbox Series 20 and Starfield have failed

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What’s going on with Xbox? (Poditure: Microsoft)

A reader examines the recent sales for Xbox and predict a new focus of Microsoft’ future on PC gaming by thinking about it as its expansion.

That’s what The Beatles always say, that money doesn’t buy you love. They thought of trillion dollar corporations when they wrote those lyrics, but the concept relates to many things. Microsoft has spent over 70 million dollars on the last few years building a developer. While so many times, it’s hard to find success in that industry.

Obviously, I should be blamed for being one of the ones that have not been accused by Microsoft. As with the series S very cheap again my problem is whether Sony doesn’t make any effort to do anything at all as much work today than PlayStation 5 itself!

While I want to explain the existence of Microsoft, but they did prove that they wouldn’t give up on game games. Which causes the question of what they’re doing next. And I find it interesting to speculate on this.

Just a quick recap of where we are. Microsoft has spent a lot of money buying developers over the last few years, yet this isn’t surprising to be aware that any improvements were made in Xbox Series and PlayStation games. Starfield was supposed to be the start of a turnaround and yet console sales fell when it came out, with more games still playing today.

Starfield was the biggest guns, so I didn’t see Fable or anything else they said otherwise without doing any better. Their other weapon is Game Pass, but at the moment they tried not to talk about it in their recent financials yet again. Will it be changed once Call Of Duty is in there next year? That will look better, but I’ve had trouble thinking it would be the game changer which Microsoft expects.

It isn’t an issue even for Microsoft, PS Plus has not done as well that Sony expected. However now there remains no evidence it doesn’ve made any difference in your decision if you put these subscriptions on the shelves of another party or this will bring many more people into their hands again (and I just don and say they have millions)! I think that it’s because, for more casual gamers anyway they usually only buy two or three games a year. And, more importantly they’re probably not interested in any other person except FIFA and even an online shooter.

The fact that subscriptions don’t catch up is a bit of an puzzle for me. Perhaps everybody has got too many TV ones? But the end result was that two big, and so expensive ideas won’ten fail to work on one another in real time! What do they have next?

I think they already had plenty of clues about that, in the way they have recently been talking so much from PC. They think thats better place for their games than console’d, which I think they just wont catch on. Nobody has even spoken about this in the PlayStation ecosystem because much more people go to play.

What I want them to do in the future is go all out on PC and probably try looking for a different kind of rival like Steam or buy Valve. I noticed how much money Valve is worth and only $7,7 billion at my surprise. The sum is almost exactly the same as Bethesda but far less than Activision Blizzarde’ll average I didn’t realise it, so a surprise that they failed to do this all along. They would have made much more difference than anything else they bought before the deal began for me and you wondered why not repeat them forever… It would be difficult to buy the GCs of Valve, that is why it’ll not come very hard.

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Yeah, I think that a move on PC gaming and an increased amount of mobile games are what’s next for Microsoft. They’re basically trying to move gaming into a direction they can control, have never been big in consoles.

This is a common approach for them. They did it the same thing when they began to enter an industrialized game world, then doing everything they could in order for this adolescence beyond Japan and onto production. Other than American developers all that were involved on building modern machines with other industry systems such as mobile computers/computers or computers; however these technologies helped create tenfoldetments of complex projects at once within the arena used by players like myself only using my imagination They knew they didn’t have any influence on Japanese publishers, so their efforts weren’T important and it largely worked. I think they’ll do this as an analogy for consoles.

Xbox isn’t going to be dominant in terms of consoles so Microsoft will try with PC, mobile and streaming. They have a good nose on these two (I feel they need more than just King to make an impact in mobile) and I think it could work for them. Will it be good or bad?

By Royston

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