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HTC Vive XR Elite: one of the best VR headsets sees its price drop on Amazon

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HTC isn’t the first virtual reality headset to come on the market with the Vive XR Elite. A new headset that focuses on mixed reality, with sold price starting at $2.99 instead of $3.99.

HTC launched a brand new headset called the Vive XR Elite. A premium headset, which uses two-tiered VR to meet augmented reality combines two-tiered reality reality. If you want to get this helmet, know that it is possible to save 100 euros, but if you don’t want to find it at the same time, you’ll need to pay a high price!

The high point of the HTC Vive XR Elite is the strong point.

A proper headset with a comfortable and decent handle The best mix of reality exist The data sheet and performance for this headset.

The HTC Vive XR Elite headset has just fallen out of market and is now at $1299 in Amazon.

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Where can I find the clothes? At the best price, HTC Vive XR Elite?

This is an unusual design, but it has to be successful.

The HTC Vive XR Elite is built on a similar design to the other headsets available on the market. It’s very successful in formulating glasses. Because of its compactness, it’s not better to wear glasses than to select competitive cases.

It’s pretty evenly distributed, so controllers get the job done. There’s also an automatic fix. We find that foam pads for the skull can support it longer. Having the advantage of being detachable so that you can cleaner better, we should have a cleaner for your hygiene.

Powerful, but not flawless.

The screen shows the 4K definition of 3840 pixels by 20 pixels, the refresh rate is 90 Hz, the field of view is 110 maximum. If you see the price, you should not buy Oled, a refresh rate of 120 Hz or a better definition. The paints are rather bland, and blacks seem quite gray. It’s still sufficient to live in a mixed reality mode.

The headset can be operated on an Snapdragon XR2 chip, coupled with 12GB of RAM. He requires to have a computer to do the necessary work. Games start very quickly, and applications apply. The headset isn’t slowing completely. The headset is equipped with 4 cameras to see the environment and an auto-release camera. The camera comes with a 16mm Color Photo Sensor to retransmit what we should see without the headset. Since we are navigating through the Vive XR Elites interface, users find similarities with stock Android with similar menus and icons. This product is reliable and fast to use.

The battery can recharge without the Vive XR Elite.

To see more details in the full test, we test the HTC Vive XR Elite.

7 /10

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