Huge sale on Steam. Now on! Witcher 3 for $5.99 and more


The Steam Winter Sale runs until Thursday, January 5, 2023, at 7 p.m. On PC Games, we’ll present many significantly reduced games worth a look over the course of the campaign. From three-A slack-to-secret stories to superfluous secrets to completely underestimated indie pearls, everything is on offer. There are some titles that each have to have more than 90 percent reduced. Go out now. We name a few very attractive offers that you ought to certainly look at.

Steam Sale – Huge game worlds for some money.

Have you always dreamed of shooting alien dinosaurs in a postapokalyptic world with a bow and arrow and setting creepy traps to hide them? You’ll enjoy this old exclusive Playstation title for the PC. Horizon Zero Dawn was reduced by 67% and costed only 1649 Euro. I think it’s a complete edition. So you can take the expansion of the Frozen Wilds for free, and other awesome outfits, as well as other exciting upgrades.

If you like fantasy a la Lord of the Rings, you can find two classics of the role-playing genre for one in two. The Witcher 3 or the Elder Scrolls Online for five,99 euro each. That’s cheaper than small doner kebabs currently in Berlin. Both titles permit you to fully dive in the great fantasy world of the highest regard.

Steam: Runch dates and stumbling cops greatly discounted.

We have also received the winter sale on Steam, which is quite expensive to offer. Those two titles are modern representative of the point & click adventure that couldn’t be more different.

Using a comedy style called Lolon Wet Dreams Dont Dry, you can find a boring world of thoughts of the protagonist Larry, who stayed stuck in the 1980s, so he used to have weird comic graphics. That is exactly why there is an absurd puzzle fun that ties together with the old parts from nostalgic Amiga and 486 times. This title was reduced by ninety percent and therefore for €2.99.

Another favorite is PC games-reader, nih.

You can get this epic adventure on Steam totally free!

The free adventure game on Steam was a surprisingly surprise hit within a few days.

Payday 3 and first teaser announced, Steam page launched.

The co-op shooter Payday has received a Steam page with a release period, as well as a first teaser trailer.

The Disco Elysium case is twisted, dark crimes in a fictional edifice. The final piece, a free for $9.99, reduced by 75%, is a revised masterpiece and a massive sound soundtrack of the countless masterfully written dialogues. If Larry is a joke with point-and-click adventures, Disco Elysium can be hangover turned games-tiny-withdrawal sweats. Both of these comparisons is also hugely understated.


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