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HUMANKIND drops Cultures and Free Updates in Oceania

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SEGA of Europe and Amplitude Studios veiled details of their latest documentary, Cultures of Oceania, which will be released on September 11th for HUMANKIND. This expansive DLC packs six unique cultures, six extraordinary wonders, seven unique independent people, 15 new narrative events and a thematic soundtrack, to enhance gameplay experience.

What’s new in Oceanic Cultures?

The Cultures of Oceania, delegation a teetto, promises to broaden the cultural horizon in HUMANKIND. Players can explore 6 new cultures with their distinct tastes, offering a diverse array of gameplay mechanics. As a result, the DLC has been rolling out seven independent people, each with unique names and traits. With the 15 events, players will encounter multiple challenges and opportunities, making for a dynamic and permanent game environment.

Free Content Alert: The new album of Bonny Patch and Caribbean Pirates.

Following Cultures of Oceania DLC, Amplitude Studios released the Bonny Patcha major free update, aimed at naval gameplay, trade and resource management. But that isn’t all right. Caution, all rights and freedoms deserve. This additional content signifies Amplitudes commitment to offering more than just paid DLC.

Go ready to put off any sun.

Cultures of Oceania and the free Bonny Patch and Caribbean Pirates culture will be available as download on September 11th. Even though summer days are short, the developers hope this DLC will extend your virtual vacations on the sea.

HUMANKINDi Getting on consoles, New DLC Cultures of Latin America Out Now.

Xbox One, Xbox One, Windows.

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