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Hundreds of songs and new CD packs arrive in DJMAX RESPECT V

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When the release of DJMAX RESPECT V has taken place in the mid-2022 year, gamers can enjoy a new rhythm game, which became a strong addition to the frank tone of presentation and the tunes that were mastered. And for many, there could never be enough. For the Neowiz and Rocky Studio team, the aim is to improve the situation by sending out a whole heap of new DLC packs, adding in hundreds of new tunes.

Now available to buy, download and add DJMAX RESPECT V on Xbox One and Xbox One, are twenty-six new DLC packs. Each of these comes with different prices, based at the number of songs and pieces of gear included. That’s enough to grab the DJMAX RESPECT V player for more time.

DLC download day is a serious day if you are a DJMAX RESPECT V and many of the tunes, the tracks and the packages themselves will be interesting. There is also a lot of variation, with a number of different bases covered.

It was something that DJMAX RESPECT V has to fix, mostly since while our review of the game on Xbox was pretty positive, we felt a little letdown by some limp tunes and patterns which just don’t work. We actually broke the case of DJMAX RESPECT V against MUSYNX, and it was the latter who got into the top spot.

Maybe that will change with the new DLC pack for DJMAX RESPECT V and, without exception, we’ll discover the following in hand.

  • Well Happy Gear Pack 8.39 New notes and new gear.
  • That’s the story of the same man’s father.
  • This edition contains 16.74 24 songs.
  • Technika 2 Pack 148,74 24 songs.
  • To download 12.49 songs from Deemo.
  • Unlock all the basic music from the song pack 8.39 Unlock every song on the entire song pack.
  • Do it your job.
  • Girls Across the Frontline Pack 4.19 three songs – 3 girls songs and four.19
  • Black Square Pack 1674 21 songs.
  • Trilogy Pack 12:49 22 songs
  • The Clear Blue Sky gear pack 8.39 New notes and gears were released.
  • Wikimedia: V Extension Pack 20,99 20 songs.
  • Technika 3 20.99.
  • Muse Dash Pack 14,99, 15 songs.
  • Cytus Pack 12.49 12 songs
  • Nexon Pack 13.39 NEXON games.
  • Technika Pack 16 wands 21 songs.
  • 3.3 pack 16.74 24 songs.
  • Groove Coaster Pack 12.49 10 songs
  • “Emotional Sense Pack ” 8,39 8, 8 songs.
  • Lisrim Gear Pack 8.39 New notes and new gear and new gear.
  • Welcome to Space Gear Pack 8.39 New notes and new gear.
  • V Extension II pack 20.99 20 songs
  • Tok! Tok! Tok! Gearpack 8.39 New notes and new gear.
  • V Expanded III Pack 20.99 20 songs
  • Techniquea Tune & Q Pack 16.74 20 songs.

Each of the package listed will have a 20% discount, running from the publication of this article for a week.

Don’t you need a copy of DJMAX RESPECT V on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S (or PC) to sell for? Fortunately, the base game is found on the Xbox Store, which is either available for 39.99 or included in your Game Pass subscription, with each one of the DLC packs running off there.

As soon as the time comes to me, let’s know the numerous DLC packs that I’ll be picking up.

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