Hunt: Showdown Running Up Currently the New Devil’s Moon event


Crytek has an event happening in Hunt: Showdown as players can participate in the disturbing Devil’s Moon match. The event is currently underway, and is going on through February 15th, 2023. Apart from adding new features that bring haunting images to your monitor, you’ll have more of your abilities, an incredible new story and over 50 rewards to unlock throughout the year. This includes two new Legendary Hunters, Blood Bonds, weapons and more they haven’t revealed. We have all the details with you below.

Credit: Crytek

“Let’s hear the burgeoning of the Devil’s Moon.” But it’s just a start. Players pick their side and pledge their Hunters to a pact that will offer different benefits as they earn Event Points to unlock rewards. The Inferno, a wildcard map condition, will bring map enhancements with fire at regular intervals throughout the event. Two new Legendary Hunters are getting ready for grabs “Ochenkov’s Widow” and “False Saint”, with new weapons, consumables and Weapon Charms, and new Challenges bring weekly tasks to be completed for Event Points. There are two tracks which players can get further rewards. It might be winter, but the action in the bayou is about to get hotter than ever before.”

  • Inferno:For the first time ever, “The Inferno” comes to the bayou, live on selected days and maps inHunt. This wildcard condition adds extra time to the game, as players navigate through scorching flames to succeed and become victorious.
  • The new challenge allows games to earn Event Points. Each week, new challenges are issued and stars rewarded for each complete task, which will be converted to Event Points.
  • Pacts:Players can choose their side for the “Devil’s Moon” event. Players will be rewarded with different event benefits and traits, which are based on the text of the 15-chapter live event’s story. By pledging to an olympic pact, a Hunter will be rewarded with different events and gifts which will suit different plays. Hunters will also enjoy Event Pointboosters.
  • The new Battle Pass allows players to unlock 51 items across 51 levels, including two new Legendary Hunters, twoWeapon Charms, fiveweapons, sevenBlood Bond prizes worth up to 1,000 Blood Bonds in total, ten Legendary Weapon Skins and seven types of Custom ammo. The legendary Hunters, “Ochenkov’s Widow” and “False Saint” are also listed. There are weapons available, including the Springfield M1892 Krag bolt-action rifle, the LeMat Mark II shotgun and the Martini-Henry IC1 rifle.
  • The event store:Launching alongside the “Date of the Moon” live event, there’s the new “Frau Perchta” DLC, with new Legendary Hunters and new Legendary Weapons. You can buy a new Hunter, Frau Perchta. The festive favorites are coming to the store for the duration of the event, but they also give up a range of new arms.


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