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Hunter x Hunter manga starts working again on Hiatus

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Although Hunter x Hunter briefly resumed serialization in October 2022, it seems that Togashi is going to have to wait for a second. According to the latest issue of Daily Shonen Jump, this will be a temporary hiatus. As far as the world goes by, there’s no such news as when fans can expect the manga to return. You can read the guide, the HexhSource!

Hunter x Hunter will not be a weekly serialization until it returns. This is because of his health complications, so a part of what happened to Hunter x Hunter who first suffered a schedule-set mistake. Togashi is still doing research on new chapters and the Weekly Shonen Jump editorial department will announce the date and methods of publication in the future. This will impose on Chapter 401, and beyond.

In some cases, mangaka is a very demanding job. When Togashi worked on Yu Yu Hakusho, the stress and heavy work heavy was blaming his health, which is part of the reason for the series’ sudden ending. In July 2022, Togashi said that he should be laying down as a result of back and hip problems that hinder him from sitting in a chair.

The Weekly Shonen Jump will announce when the Hunter / Hunter hiatus ends. Viz has licensed the manga, and the anime version is available on Netflix, including Crunchyroll and Netflix.


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