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I got some great silver malaysian decks in Marvel Snap

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The Marvel snap season this August, known as Big in Japan, has a theme of the journey of Wolverine when he made the journey out of the rising sun.

In addition to the new cards created this season, some of the characters used in the Wolverines Japan arc have been tailored to the original designs, such as the Silver Samurai, one of his biggest enemies.

In the Marvel universe, the Silver Samurai possesses a powerful energy he uses to destroy his sword. In Marvel Snap, he’s a great card, so he can give a bit of creative and destructive combos. It might be something to try building a deck with him.

Marvel Universe CaptureSilver Samurai abilities explained.

Silver Samurai is a three-kilochargeable game with the ability On Reveal: Each player retakes the lowest four-kilocharges of the world’s currency. He is a great tech card that can get rid of your opponents cheapest card, and help you to remove those that can benefit from his ability.

Avengers Snap finally hit Wolverines’ biggest enemies. Image through Second Dinner.

Silver Samurai is released as a series 5 card. For 6,000 tokens, you can buy him from the Weekly Spotlight of the Token Shop. You can also get her in the 4card pool from this weeks Spotlight Caches rotation from August 28 to Sept 4. Spend your money, credit cards or tokens, to add Silver Samurai to your card collection.

Strategy and great combos for the Silver Samurai deck inMarvel Snap.

Silver Samurai works very well for those cards that benefit from the discard ability that he has. It’s not called Stature. Stature is a five-cost, six-Power card that can cost one if a card is thrown out of the opponent’s hand last turn.

Daken works well with Silver Samurai, since the one-cost, one-Power Muramasa Shard that Daken has created in your hand is devastated. The Muramasa Shard doubles the actual power of Daken if it gets lost or destroyed, making him a potential massive Power source in this process.

Another potential synergy that can be avoided with Silver Samurai is his archenemy, Wolverine, and X-23. The latter regenerates himself to a place with adding Power on time if discarded or destroyed, the latter regenerates herself, giving a bonus plus another energy on the next turn, if discarded and destroyed.

Stature Shark is finding a new friend. Panoramic photograph, snap.fan.

As well, Silver Samurai functions well with Stature. The deck with good cards has been one of the most important meta-scandals in Marvel Snap for quite some time.

Black Bolt is the original partner of Stature because he can throw the lowest-cost card of his opponent. With Silver Samurai arrived, there’s now another option to trigger the Stature ability, and even if possible to play Stature earlier in the process.

Daken is also here to serve as a massive power source. Darkhawk on the other hand provides a stable Power Pot, thanks to his ability to gain more Power per card in your opponent’s deck. Of course he’s best friends, Korg, and Rock Slide are in this deck, so he doesn’t take over your opponents deck and can use it with its ability to build darkhawks power.

Jeff the babylandshark is there because of his irrefutable playability and decency in playing and moving, while Zabu can make your high-cost cards one less. The control prowess that he can give to remove the text of the higher-cost card that you’ve won in your hand, is somehow game-changing.

Take your opponents with four-costs, namely Shang-Chi to destroy these card with nine or more Power, and Iron Lad which’s a six-Power card that can copy the text of your top card.

Get the conditions for this deck!

The win conditions cards for this deck are:

  • Black Bolt
  • Stature
  • Daken
  • Darkhawk
  • Shang-Chi told me the whole thing.

The Black Bolt and Stature combo is the turn-five play for this deck. Both Daken and Darkhawk are cheap-to-use cards that can produce massive Power if you use their tool cards wisely and precisely, with correct timing. The effect on hard-doing can be converted into destructive weapons in the end. Then, it is best to five opponents whose opponent is in prioritizing the second of every turn in order to activate the On Reveal effect.


Discard mayhem is true. Viewer by Snap.fan.

This deck is the classic Discard. It revolves around the mechanic to gain multiple advantages along the way, such as creating huge Power, reducing the cost of cards, and more. Silver Samurai is able to get these benefits rewarded by his ability.

Outside from Daken, the simplest electricity sources are Dracula and Morbius. The former discards a card and gains its power, and the latter gains in strength for each card you discarded. The Americans Chavez guarantee that you always have a six-price, nine-Power card on the number six. Absorbing Man can be added for the copy of a On Reveal effect. Thus, Daken is the best target for double Muramasa Shard on your hand.

From its discarder to the silver halal, you can put more like Colleen Wing, Lady Sif and MODOK. Take out cards that benefit from being discarded; such as Wolverine, Swarm, who adds two copies of his hand to your hand in case he fails to survive, and Apocalypse, who is a six-to-one, eight-speed card who returns to your hand in case he is discarded, and stacks plus four Power every time he is discarded.

Win this deck under the conditions that you need to use.

  • Daken
  • Absorbing Man
  • Dracula
  • Apocalypse
  • America Chavez

That’s so lethal, but does not get the same thing. Since Dracula has been used, finding Apocalypse to be your lone card at the end of the match would be the most suitable scenario if you would allow at least 12 power to sidelines. American Chavez is a good turn-six play, too, especially if you discarded your hand cards with MODOK on turn five.

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